Saturday, June 28, 2014

#KoftaGate : Showtime after another 6 months

And the Engineering authority of the armed forces held today its international news conference to declare the results of its breakthrough medical inventions to diagnose and treat HCV and HIV commonly known as The Koftagate  in Egypt and abroad.

Several months ago the army announced that HCV and HIV treatment would be available next 30 June 2014.

Despite it is not the 30th yet , the army has declared the following : Despite the results of the Complete cure device "CCD" are allegedly 100% positive as tested on 80 patients "HCV and HIV" , the treatment will not be applied for another 6 months because it needs more clinical tests.
The Complete cure device 

There were another interesting announcements about the CCD as it turns out that it does not treat Liver fibrosis and that it did not cure either the late stage HCV patients. The army also screened a documentary about the Engineering authority and its history with the different authorities and agencies working under the umbrella of the armed forces like the Nuclear supervision authority.

Despite initially announcing that the CCD is a top national security secret that won't be shared with anyone , there was a brief description about how the device it works.

From what I understand very few journalists were invited to attend the press conference mostly from military correspondents.

Mada Misr founder and journalist Lina Attallah attended it too and she tweeted couple of details like how the fact that the ancient Egyptians were pioneers in medicine was a proof that the Egyptian army was capable to invent devices like C-Fast and C-Cure Device. Blogger and Dr. Mostafa Hussein attended it as a doctor. Here is a quick summary for Dr. Hussein saw at the presser earlier Today in Arabic. 

Journalists Lamiaa Hassan from Ahram Online and Mohamed Yahia ,the editor of Nature Middle East magazine failed to attend the conference.

Amazingly the absence of Assigned Major General Abdel Atti aka Dr.Strangelove was noticeable ,
Abdel Atti's dreams by amazing Ternz
For months The ministry of defense continued in marketing and promoting Abdel Atti’s devices and they even showed them in a medical supplies show. Blogger and Dr. Mostafa Hussein went there and had a first hand experience with the C-fast devices including C-Fast device for the Malaria virus before correcting this huge mistake !!!!Yes the Cholera virus !!
Interestingly  the ministry of health in Egypt announced from several months ago that it succeeded in reaching a 99% price cut for the new HCV treatment “Sovaldi” after negotiations with Gilead Pharmaceutical .It is worth to mention that the man behind “Sovaldi” is an Italian Jewish scientist from Egyptian origin , Dr. Remon Shinari.
 One must wonder why the government would have such negotiations in the first place when the army is insisting that it found a cure not only HCV but HIV as well and bunch of other deadly diseases like cancer !! This is another mystery in the whole affair.
Needless to say one of the theories we got in Egypt is that the “C-Cure” device will be actually doses of “Sovaldi” behind closed doors !!

This theory now can be proven right because according to Dr.Madiha El-Khatab , the member of the team behind the CCD the patient will take pills "she didnot say which pills" in his treatment course besides the sessions of CCD

Ironically through the past week another scenario spread by some Pro-army supporters online that the Egyptian intelligence managed to steal the patents of HCV treatment from one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the States and brought it back home to treat the patients !! Those supporters do not know the legal implications of such claim unfortunately.

To be honest the whole affair is too expressive as I see it ,I mean you got military arrogance , charlatans, hypocrites , ignorance and chauvinism in one shot !!!

I do not need to say no one insults and defames the Egyptian armed forces except those who are insisting to put on that show harming the feelings of thousands of patients who had very high hopes to be cured by the army for free !!! 


  1. This Is The Army We Trust ?!!!?!!"???!

  2. "I mean you got military arrogance , charlatans, hypocrites , ignorance and chauvinism in one shot !!!"

    Not to mention widespread gullibility. Amazing that anyone showed up at all for that presentation.

    Your reporting on this is great, Zeinobia.

    The device looks to me like a downtown parking meter that lets you pay with cash or credit card.

  3. They mistook malaria for a virus and then they quickly corrected it. So wasn't cholera :-)

  4. Didn't Dr. Ahmad Shafik announce he discovered the cure for Aids, Cancer and Rheumatoid a couple of decades ago? He slammed the writer Dr. Youssef Idris for questioning his discovery. what happened to that claim?

  5. Ahavat Eretz Israel6/29/2014 06:32:00 PM

    I have a confession to make: We sold that useless hoax to the Egyptian army for 1 bln US-$.

  6. You have to go back to the 1920's and 1930's to begin to have an understanding of where this comes from in extremely powerful microscopes (50,000 x) and frequencies Research is still ongoing This series of videos shows some of the old video footage A lot more can be found at sites like

  7. Further to my comment above, I have no idea whether the Egyptian version works (there are a number of machines now produced internationally)?? I do know that a patent exists from the 1990's for a different type of simple device, as mentioned in the NY Times and this is the patent on google Perhaps others would care to do their own research?


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