Sunday, June 29, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-1

Ramadan Karim and welcome back to our annual tradition  in Ramadan : Listening to the Egyptian Radio’s Classical Arabic Nights.
This year’s tale is the tale of King Dandash.
Yup King Dandash , one must wonder how Taher Abu Fasha came with such names.
Tonight's episode was the 343rd episode in the Egyptian National radio's Arabian nights.

Now a quick summary for tonight’s episode
Poor Sultan Dandash is suffering from bad insomnia, the man can not sleep. In one night he decided to take his vizier and  to go around his realm while being disguised as a Dervishes . “A common theme in 1001”
During the Sultan and vizier’s tour , they found a noise coming from a boat in the river. So they asked a poor man in his boat about it and the poor man told them that that was the Sultan’s boat and Sultan Dandash was having one of his happy nights tours in the boat right now along with his Vizier.
Angry as well curious to know who dared to impersonate the king like that , Sultan Dandash and his vizier decided to follow that the fake king’s boat.
Tomorrow insh Allah we will continue the rest of our new tale for this year.
You can go back to Egyptian Chronicles’ archives of 1001 Arabian nights.

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