Monday, June 30, 2014

#AJETrial : How it is seen in #Taiwan

Do you remember that Taiwanese YouTube Channel that explains every interesting news in the world through animation !?
Well they are back to explain to the Taiwanese people what is currently happening in Egypt , exactly what has happened to Al Jazeera English staff after the scandalous trial that made us the joke of the world.
Here is their video to explain to the Taiwanese people the Al Jazeera English staff's trial. Of course new elected president El-Sisi's image is not good at all.

Now speaking about Al Jazeera staff , Peter Greste's family set up an e-mail "" for the people to send their solidarity emails to the award winning journalists ; those emails are going to be printed out and delivered to Peter in Tora prison as far as I understand.

Mohamed Fadel Fahmy decided to give El-Sisi's initiative LE 15,000 to boost the economy, Fahmy's family hopes that such donation would make El-Sisi thinks of pardoning their son. It is just sad. I do not know what to say. El-Sisi already stated that he would not interfere in judiciary which means that he may not pardon anyone.
El-Sisi's initiative launched last week after the announcement of the newly elected president at the military academy that he would give up half of his salary as a president as well half of fortune to Egypt in an attempt to boost Egyptian economy. Hours later the Central Bank of Egypt announced that it did set up a bank account to receive the donations of all those who wanted to help in boosting the Egyptian economy through donations.
Well Egypt's economy will not be revived by donations or aids or loans I am afraid.
Back to the aftermath of AJ staff trial , well the cartoon of Economist summarizes perfectly with all the arrests of journalists and activists.
Kal's cartoons
Here is another cartoon from Financial Times about El-Sisi and his crackdown against journalists by Ingram Pinn.
By Ingram Pinn
The sphinx does not look like El-Sisi by the way.

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