Monday, June 30, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-2

And tonight we continue our interesting tale ; the tale of King Dandash and that fake Sultan using his name.
Tonight's episode is the 344th episode from our radio nights' tale.
Here it is

A quick summary in English for tonight's episode :

Sultan Dandash and his vizier disguised as Dervishes stalked the fake Sultan's noisy merry boat till it reached a palace on the other bank. Reaching  that huge palace with guards , the fake dervishes insisted to go on and try to enter it. The poor boat's man refused to go on with them.
Busted by the guards , soon enough the fake dervishes found themselves in the middle of the fake Sultan's royal court. The true Sultan Dandash was amazed to see the fake Sultan had a more luxurious throne and more beautiful maids.
Claiming to be Dervishes , the two men were amazed to know that that night was the Sultan's so-called misfortune night. Dared to ask real Dandash asked the fake King if he were whom he claimed to be and why he had got a "a misfortune day", the fake king went mad and ordered his guards to be kicked out of the palace. 

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  1. Also the fake Sultan was sexually harassing the maids. Don't forget that part.


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