Monday, June 30, 2014

Notes of #30June Presidential Palace explosions "+18"

Today marks the first anniversary of 30 June mass protests that led to the ousting of President Morsi aka 30 June Revolution and today also 4 explosive devices shocked Heliopolis in the premises of no other than the Presidential palace.
2 explosive devices were defused and 2 explosive devices were detonated killing at least two police officers "from explosives department" and injuring not less than 7 officers.
Now there are certain remarks about that sad attack :

  • Interestingly enough "Ajnad Misr" published a statement on Friday "27.6.2014" stating its responsibility on its official for the explosive bomb in Heliopolis court warning civilians that that they set up other explosive devices in other places including none other than  the premise of the Presidential Palace in Heliopolis. The militant group interestingly even highlighted the exact location of the bombs they planted nearby the Presidential Palace  in red bold font !! 
The statement 
  • Here is the tweet : 
  • Sorry they did not find them but rather the street sweepers who called the security forces !! 
  • Of course on Friday the ministry of interior on Friday underestimated the statement claimed to be an attempt from the group designated as terrorist organization last May to scare the people on 30 June. The MOI added the presidential palace was fully secured. 
    Late El-Ashmawy 
  • Amazingly the MOI and Presidential Guards ignored such statement which is very curious. 
  • So since last Friday there were explosive bombs or devices and only today the police went to search for them !!! 
  • Late officer Ahmed El-Ashmawy managed to defuse an explosive device and failed to defuse the other which killed him and injured others. 
  • Photos and video show them wearing plain clothes and police clothes not the special safety explosive suit or special precautions as you can see in the video showing the explosion moment caught in camera. "The video is graphic" 
  • I apologize for publish it but this video is heartbreaking by all measures when you think about it. All this could have been avoided if strict rules were applied when dealing with explosive devices. 
  • After the first explosion , another explosive blew up killing another police officer and injuring a number of other police officers. 
  • Then suddenly we see the police using the explosives robot and its experts are now wearing that ant-explosive gears !!

  • In any respectable country the minister of interior and the Cairo security directorate commandership should be questioned on their failure, on how they got details about the explosives devices on Friday and did nothing except today and how the explosive devices experts are not wearing their safety suits !? 
  • Ajnad Misr claimed responsibility eventually and even revealed that the security found an explosive device they set up near to the Presidential palace on Friday but decided to not to reveal it to the public.

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  1. So, I guess you people are happy with how June 30 turned out?

    If there is a madman on the throne, you put him there. Enjoy.


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