Tuesday, July 1, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-3

Sorry for the delay but here we are continuing our interesting tale tonight.

Here is the third episode of our tale. It was the 345th episode of the show on the Egyptian National radio.

Now here is the episode , you can listen to it in Arabic after the break. An English synopsis of the episode is below .

Now we are being introduced to a new character the Queen or rather Sultana Malka who is dying to get one big jewel for her crown. Her husband King Dandash orders the jewelers to get one.

At the same time King Dandash and his vizier decided to return back as dervishes to check once again that fake king and his luxurious palace. Returned once again to the river and taking the same boat like time , the two disguised men arrived to the palace to find no one. Suddenly the palace was deserted.Extremely furious , the king orders his vizier to arrest the owner of that palace who claimed to be a king.

Sultana Malka goes and complaints to her husband that the jewel she wants for her crown is owned by a man called “Shamalan The lazy” who refused to sell her the Jewel.

The vizier found out that the owner of the palace is a foreign man who is not from their realm , that foreign man comes to visit their kingdom once a year.

That foreign man is no other than Shamalan the lazy.

Tomorrow night insh Allah we will know more about Shamalan and his mystery.

You can check back the previous episodes here.

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