Wednesday, July 2, 2014

They were protesting for better education in #Egypt only

Yesterday security forces dispersed by force as usual a small protest made by high school students in  front of the ministry of education in Cairo.

The high school students were protesting yesterday in several governorates against the failed educational system in Egypt following the secondary stage's exams and its online cheating scandal this year.  These students were demanding a better educational system. They called their movement "The students' revolution"

Of course President El-Sisi made it clear that he would not listen for any protesters' demands. Needless to say that this is not some demand of certain group , the demand of those boys should be the aim of the state : To fix the bloody failed educational system in Egypt. This is the future of Egypt for God's sake.
As usual the photos of the protest's dispersal showed the usual amount of civility and human rights respect the Egyptian police is known for.

This 16 years old boy was later beaten in the police station where he was detained along other six students. 

It is worth to mention that the students hurled rocks at the security forces.We do not know how things did escalate but I know very well an edited video showing the students hurling rocks first spread like fire in all the Pro El-Sisi websites and Facebook pages as a justification of the police's brutality.

If we are going to speak about breaking the protest law and having unauthorized protest then we must admit that the police violated the protest law as usual.

Already dispersing the protests got specific steps from warning the protesters before using water cannons and tear gas grenades. Beating of the protesters is not mentioned in the protest law. The same law mentions specifically that the police force participating in dispersing the protests should be wearing their police uniform.

Those young teenage students are currently investigated by the prosecution. I do not know if they are going to be referred to the criminal court for illegal protesting or not but I am praying that they won't be referred to court.

I know that the regime is cracking any movement with no mercy for the sake to kill any protesting movement and to make people fear again. The thing is that they do not only make needed peaceful change in hard times like these impossible but they also breed violence and give terrorism and radicalism  a fertile soil to grow. The thing is that the old state does not only want to control the present but it wants to control the future.  

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  1. Seems like you are not exactly enjoying the "coup on the demand of the people"...your words.

    This coup orchestrated by the corrupt military commanders and mubarak fat cats was a huge blow to aspiration of millions around the region. Don't know if your opposition to the MB was out of pure ideological hatred... But it showed your trouble with democracy that you was calling for these past few years.

    Just another arab writer/blogger who can't deal with the true votes of the people.


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