Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-4

Sorry for the delay , one was busy with the Blair’s consultancy project in Egypt. Anyhow let’s leave Blair , El-Sisi and their realm and go back to Scheherazade's realm as it is much better by all measures.
Tonight Scheherazade continues her tale about King dandash and that interesting mysterious man claimed to be Sultan who owns a jewel even the king does not own ; Shamalan the Lazy.
Here is the 345th episode of the Egyptian radio Arabian nights after the break.

By the way is the player working fine in Google Chrome !?
Here is the synopsis :
King Dandash sends his order to arrest Shamalan the lazy to the rulers of the foreign countries. In his way back to his home Shamalan is warned that King Dandash wanted to arrest him because of the Jewel his wife is seeking. Shamalan decides to send to King Dandash the Jewel and even to return to that kingdom.
The Queen tells her husband that she got the diamond. After his arrest Shamalan was taken to Dandash’s court where he presented a bigger Jewel to the king and the queen. The King got too many questions to Shamalan : Why did he lie and claim to be the Sultan ? and why did he have a day for his misfortune !? 
Shamalan , the lazy told the king that he did not lie because he was once a sultan and … he started to tell King Dandash his tale.
Come back tomorrow to know the tale of Shamalan.
You can check back the previous episodes here.

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