Sunday, June 22, 2014

The War Against #Jan25 Continues in Media Continues : Now It is A TV Series

And the war against 25 January revolution in the mainstream media by the State itself continues ,today we found out the ministry of interior reportedly interfered to suspend the broadcast of a TV series starring a group of  a Pro-#Jan25 revolution actors because among its characters a corrupted police officer before the revolution !!

Yup according to the producers and makers of the TV series “The people of Alexandria” {Ahl Exenderia} may not be broadcast next Ramadan on Al Hayat TV and Mehwar TV channels after pressures from the ministry of interior aka security apparatuses.

Stated-owned “Media City for production” ; the producer of the series admitted that there were pressures from security apparatuses on the two channels not to air the TV series. For the production company , this will be a huge financial loss. The ads have been booked and actually we got billboards all over Cairo about this TV series.

The Holy Month of Ramadan will commence next week and it is well known fact that it is the golden season for TV shows and TV soap operas in the Arab region.

“The people of Alexandria” is a socio-political TV series written by writer Belal Fadl and starring Amr Waked and Basma Ahmed. According to the synopsis of the series , it is about a corrupted police officer in Alexandria who was punished in 2010.

I believe that this is another sequel to Fadl’s hit series in 2010 “The people of Cairo” where he criticized powerfully and boldly the political and social status of the Egyptian society.

Fadl issued a long statement about what happened earlier today in Arabic on his official Facebook page saying what happened was unprecedented and did not happen in the time of Mubarak.

He also revealed that the National TV decided not to air the series on its network because the series criticized police officers. Fadl also demanded an explanation for what happened.

He also referred to the fact that there was an online campaign launched to boycott the TV series by a group of Pro El-Sisi/Pro-Mubarak supporters who hate its crew from the #25 Jan traitors !!

Beside Fadl you got a true Pro-Jan25 cast whether Amr Waked or Basma Ahmed or veteran actress and leftist activist Mohsena Tawfik.

Amr Waked is already under fire for being one of the earliest actors to publicly support the 25 January and to join the protesters in Tahrir square. Insisting that he comes from Palestinian family “which is untrue ” , Amr Waked is attacked usually in the Anti-Jan25 Revolution TV shows and Facebook pages.

Basma Ahmed is the wife of the Pro-Democracy Liberal politician Amr Hamazawy. 

El-Mehawar network said that it would go on and broadcast the series. I do not know about Al Hayat TV network. Already the promo of the series was released on online.

“The people of Alexandria”–2014- Promo

On twitter Amr Waked and Hisham Selim , another renowned actor commented about the news of suspending the broadcast of the series.

Amr Waked : Are we back to 2010

Hisham Selim : I am waiting at my house to be arrested because I starred a series along with the spies Amr Waked and Basma and produced by the Media City. Old Egypt is still there.

There is a hashtag started on Sunday’s afternoon against the TV series’ ban.

It started that TV hosts like Reem Magued have no place on the screen now and replaced by hateful ignorant bigots , then TV shows like Bassem Youssef’s El-Bernmag are suspended by ordered from the Egyptian regime as well Saudi regime too then we got TV series suspended because its writer and its leading actors support The 25th January revolution !!!

Ironically the current constitution recognizes the 25 January as a revolution and newly elected President El-Sisi recognizes the 25 January as revolution in his speeches , so why to fight it like that !?

I know the answer and I think you do know it too.

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  1. Teacher, teacher, I know the answer. June 30 was not only a coup it was also a fully fledged counter revolution. Waked's tweet is unbelievably ignorant and naiive. I mean he just realized now that we are back to the Mubarak days?! 40k unjustly imporsined, over 2k killed, all January 25 figures who participated in coup/counter-revolution are either now abroad, banned from travelling in prison or sitting at home powerless to do anything. To cap it all off Waked's candidate the so called revolution's candidate Hamdeen was humiliated in the last election, coming third in a two horse race (more of a sa3idi joke if you ask me), and he actually has the guts to come up 12 months later and naively ask, 'are we back to 2010'? Did he not see that SISI's regime reaks of feloul (mubarak regime) elements? Was he sleeping when mass death sentences were given out with little/no due judicial process. When he went to Tahrir that day on June 30 did he not see Mortada Mansour, Tawfik Okasha and many supporters holding posters of old regime elements like Omar Suleiman, or that supporters were carrying cops and judges on their shoulders. The same institutions he critisized Morsi of not reforming?! The list goes on and on! The MB were stupid no doubt and they wrote their own fate with their political stupdity, by failing to bring true January 25 revolutionaries to their side. However, Jan 25 revolutionaries (socialists and liberals) must also share the blame for naively thinking that the army was going to hand them a democratic state on a silver platter. Im in disbelief at people like Waked, I actually thought he was somewhat smart, especially when he took the decision to join the revolution in 2011. I was wrong, just like I was wrong on many other people who I thought were smart. All we can do is pray for Egypt and hope one day whether in our lifetime or after that our grandchildren will not blame our generation for the mess we have created doing something great that our parents failed to do. Long Live January 25!!!


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