Saturday, June 21, 2014

#NoProtestlaw : International Day of Solidarity with Egyptian detainees

Today activists protested against the infamous protest law whether inside or outside Egypt. It is the International Day of Solidarity with Egyptian detainees.
Hundreds of protesters organized a rally against the infamous protest law to the Presidential Palace this afternoon.
Several prominent political activists are participating in this rally like Mona Seif and Khaled El-Siyad , who was arrested in the latest anniversary of 25 January. He was also tortured and witnessed the torture of other detainees as well. The Revolutionary Way Front was among the main political movements participating in this rally.
Needless to say the CSF did not waste any time in dispersing the rally using thugs and tear gases. The thugs hurled rocks and empty bottles at the protesters as usual followed by tear gases. The security forces are determinant not to make this rally did not reach the presidential palace.
Of course what happened afternoon is a proof that the Ministry of interior is still using its old weapon : Thugs
At least 30 people have been arrested during the dispersal of the protest including Sana'a Seif. Three of them are journalists.
Here is a video below for the protest and what happened during its dispersal after the break.

Outside Egypt the protest movement organized by activists in the Egyptian community around the globe kicked off on Friday in Athens and Buenos Aires. Today there are protests in several cities around the globe : London, Paris, Berlin , New York , Stockholm , Ontario and Dublin.Some of these protesters were in front of the Egyptian embassies.
Here are photos from Dublin
Photo : Mai Nasser 
Photo : Mai Nasser 

Photos from London
Photo: Rana Gaza 
Photo: Rana Gaza 
Photos from Paris where the activists screened a short documentary about Mahienour El-Masry and protest law.
Photo : Hanna Youssef 
Photo : Hanna Youssef 

Photos from Berlin
Photo : Nora Shalaby 
Photo : Nora Shalaby 
Photo: Nora Shalaby 
Photo from New York
Photo :  Sharif Abdel Koddous 
Photo from Athens which I found at The international Day of Solidarity with Egyptian detainees tumblr blog

This reminds with the protests Egyptians used to have around the world and Egypt after the murder of Khaled Said. It is like returning back to square one. It is just depressing , really depressing.
Please follow this blog to know more about these protests. I am sure that there will be more protests in the future.

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  1. Excellent report ... Thank you Zeinobia for your responsible and comprehensive coverage.


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