Friday, June 20, 2014

An invitation to Create a New diplomatic crisis with Ethiopia !! "Update"

Last week while I was taking a break from all the political shit in Egypt , I found the name of Tahrir TV host Rania Badawy along with the word “Ethiopia” jumping over and over in my twitter notifications.
It turned out that the journalist turned in to a TV host may have started a diplomatic crisis with Ethiopia after hanging up the phone on the Ethiopian Ambassador in Cairo on air angrily !! Yes she hung up on the Ethiopian Ambassador in Cairo on air. Updated : Rania Badawy is suspended by Tahrir TV channel's administration.
On air fight between Rania Badawy and Ethiopian ambassador
“ Why do you insist on building the dam with the current specifications !?” Rania Badawy asked Ethiopian Ambassador in Cairo Mahmoud Dardir. Ambassador Dardir told her that she did not understand the construction of dams and their specification and that she was speaking arrogantly. Things went madder starting from that point.
Rania : Mr. Ambassador you crossed the line with me , I ask the questions of the Egyptian people. “!!”
Then she continues : From diplomacy and the protocol that you answer the question or leave it without comment. Hanging up the line on air , the TV host said the ambassador crossed the line !!
Amazingly Badawy did not see anything wrong in what she did and she even pinned the video of what she had done with the Ethiopian ambassador on her official Facebook page. Of course the faux nationalism wave taking the country by storm , she thinks that she saved Egypt’s dignity !!
First You do not hang up the phone on the Ethiopian ambassador now in time of crisis in this way.  Second Even if he crossed the line , you should hang up on him on air like that !!
By the way this is Rania Badawy who believes that an episode in “The Simpsons” was a proof that there is an US conspiracy behind the Arab Spring.
Badawy works in the same TV channel “Tahrir TV channel” like Maha Bahnassey “who is currently suspended” and Ahmed Moussa , the infamous journalist and TV host who brags of working with the State security. Yes this is the kind of TV hosts controlling public opinion in Egypt !!
Man we need Bassem Youssef than ever.
Ironically enough the Rania Badawy’s incident comes at the same the mainstream media in Egypt is speaking about a positive breakthrough in the Egyptian Ethiopian relations after the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam and Nile water crisis.
Speaking about the progress in the GERD’s file , I am amazed at the speed and breakthrough we had suddenly in that file according to the mainstream media. I do not understand why we had had not that progress before and please do not tell because it is about the new president.
If the mainstream media is true about that positive progress in the relations between Egypt and Ethiopia , then it seems to that just like the Ministry of interior , other ministries and apparatuses involved in this crisis suddenly remember to work wisely and efficiently only after electing El-Sisi as a president !? 
Of course this breakthrough can  be the product of the mainstream media’s imagination in order to increase El-Sisi’s popularity as a savior and that it is too early to speak about a permanent solution that suits both Egypt and Ethiopia’s needs.
Personally I know that the problem between Egypt and Ethiopia is not the product of the past 3 years but several years ago in time of Mubarak and our regional policies in the East Africa and how we look to Africa in general.
Of course how we look to Africa and African arrogantly plays a critical role here , you only have to see Rania Badawy to know what I mean. We are paying the price of this arrogance as well neglect now in the worst way ever.
It is not enough to make your diplomats and intelligence officers act nicely and politely in Africa but you need make your people feel that they are Africans and they are not above the other people in the Continent.


  1. nothing roll back our determination from building the dam.the dam almost above quarter will be completed soon.this will be a pay back for you what Nasser did to Ethiopia.he make Ethiopia land locked by supporting rebels and establishing military camp for them in Alexandria.

  2. We Ethiopians know how impossible to prosper on the expense of other people, Today, Poverty and its relatives are the only enemies we have to fight for, I don’t think anyone with healthy mind claim himself as a relative of poverty and say Ethiopia must stay poor and Egypt continue to prosper!. Mutual respect and trust should always be in place to talk about common interest!!! I believe there is a lot to offer for the two people by promoting common interest and cooperation than disseminating hostile and provoking information which will lead to deadlock!!!

  3. The relationship between Egypt and Ethiopia should remain dignified as long as the river Nile flows.

  4. What a petty that It hasn't yet sink in the minds of most Egyptians that GRD is more than a pile of concrete to Ethiopians. For most of them, It's value as a symbol of national pride outweigh its Economic merit as power generator. Apparently, it is attaining its goal in persuading the Egyptians to come to terms and recognize Ethiopia's right over the river. Ethiopians have made their point time and time again that they wont be abided by the exclusive treaty Egypt upheld for decades.The Rania's action only shows how frustrated and helpless she was and only proved that such arrogance and temper doesn't go beyond beating a lifeless power button on a Switch Board. She thought that she did a favor to Egyptian people by undermining an ambassador of a sovereign country, in the first place she had to be grateful of him for accepting her interview request, it should have been regarded as a good gesture to the Egyptian public. In the second place as a journalist she only ought to have most of her questions answered than being offended by his responses and cut the interview short. Good journalists put politicians on their toes, on the contrary Mohammed Derir got on Rania's nerves and made her do something immoral which costed her job. I think he is the winner here.


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