Friday, June 20, 2014

#Free_Detainees :One is Free , There are still others behind bars

First of all I am sorry for the lack of posts and updates , I took a short break and traveled to the North Coast for the last four days. I tried to keep the blog updated as much as I could but I failed as I did not bring my laptop. To blog using the iPad is not that easy and honestly I felt that I had to have a break from politics after our 7th historical impressive elections in three years.
I ignored the news of the cabinet but I could not ignore the news of Abdullah El-Shamy’s release, it made my day from two days ago. Seeing him with his family , with his brother , with his strong wife who shared him his hunger strike for many days gave a lot of people hope including me
The freedom Selfie with Mosa'ab El-Shamy "By Mosa'ab"
Abdullah hugging Jihad "By Mostafa El-Sayed"

Both are wearing "Freedom is a promise
for those are faithful to it" T-Shirt. This is a quote from
his letter in jail.
"By Mosa'ab El-Shamy"
With his mom "Getty"
It is a huge victory after months of fighting back a brutal system.
At the same time many wonder what price in return is going to be paid for Abdullah’s freedom knowing the regime we are dealing , some are expected the price could reach to a health pardon for Mubarak himself !! The ousted president who has been convicted of corrupted and should be transferred to jail fell today at Maadi Military hospital broke his thigh !!
Mubarak has not been transferred to jail by the way and is still staying at Maadi Military hospital’s “ex-Military presidents retirement house”  !! Anyhow let’s leave this old dictator and return back to El-Shamy and his victory.
I can not ignore how his mother thanked leftist activists Leila Soueif and Aida Seif El-Dowla for their support to her man’s support.
Mosa'ab's mom in a press conference about hunger strikers
detainees along Leftist activist Ahmed Seif and Laila Soueif
"Photo by Abdel Hailm Abdullah"
What those two ladies did along a number of Non-Islamist activists did from supporting Abdullah’s cause is a lesson on how it is not about ideology but about humanity and justice.
Today Abdullah El-Shamy spoke with a number of reporters and correspondents mostly from Foreign media.
El-Shamy speaking to reporters at his home wearing
"Life is good" T-Shirt
"Sherif Abdel Kouddous"
Abdullah tweeted also earlier from his twitter account earlier telling Peter Greste , Mohamed Fadel and Baher Mohamed that they would be next.

The trio's trial should end this month. I am trying to be optimistic but let’s be clear here the trial of Greste, Fadel and Baher is a disgrace by all measures,  a true politicized trial. It was true scandal for Egypt and it cost us a lot.
I can not forget either Mohamed Soltan who is in a critical condition in Kasr Al Aini hospital. I can not forget Alaa Abdel Fattah , Mahienour El-Masry , Mostafa Hussein , Wael Matawelly and Nouby.
The list of the detainees who should not be behind bars is long but releasing one like Abdullah after one hell of a fight like the one he had and how the activists helped him gives anyone hope.

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  1. wonderful to hear. A miracle, albeit a small one. Now we need more miracles :) Thanks for keeping us posted on these cases.


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