Monday, June 16, 2014

#FreeAbdullah : Released Due To Health Concerns 

In a huge development today the prosecutor general has ordered the release of Abdullah el-Shamy , the Al Jazeera correspondent who has been on a hunger strike for more than 140 days as well other 12 detainees Monday afternoon. 

el-Shamy who was detained during the dispersal of Raba'a sit in last August along with other 12.The prosecutor general has not referred el-Shamy or the other 12 to the court. According to the official statement issued by the prosecutor general , el-Shamy has been released due to health concerns. 

Of course this means that the health of the 26 years old journalist is not great and fine as the so-called June 30 revolution fact finding commission claimed. El-Shamy who has been for a food strike for more than 100 in order to be referred to court lost a lot of weight as you may have known. His wife Jehad started a food strike as well demanding the release of her husband. 

Leading leftist activist Laila Soeif has been on hunger strike for more than 3 weeks as well in soldiarity with El-Shamys. Human rights activist Aida Seif El-Dowla was also on a hunger strike in soldiarity with El-Shamys but ended that hunger strike last week. 

Now personally I believe that Abdullah won that battle against the regime. Of course there are other detainees who are on hunger strike like Mohamed Soltan. Soltan was transferred to Kasr Al Aini hospital in a critical condition after more than hundred days of hunger strike. The US Egyptian citizen is among the defendants  in the Raba'a control room case . He is accused among others like MB supreme guida Mohamed Badie of inciting violence in the country. 

Soltan's family insists that he is innocent and that the security forces arrested him while caring for his cancer patient mother. His family says that security forces arrested him from his house when they failed of finding his father , famous MB leading preacher Salah Soltan. I think His father was arrested later.

I hope people do not forget freelancer photographer Shokan who was detained in Rab'a sit in dispersal as well.

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