Saturday, July 19, 2014

GazaUnderAttacK : Egypt2Gaza Aid convoy and the Return of the old Days

Another day and the aggression on Gaza continues. The total death toll reached to 336. More families killed in Gaza.
Today Israel announced that One Israeli was killed in Beersheba by the Palestinian rockets earlier today. That Israeli turned to be Arab Bedouin and it turns out that Bedouins have got no shelters to protect them. It is worth to mention that Israel’s rockets hunter Iron Dome only works and intercepts rockets targeting populated areas.
Anyhow we will leave Gaza for awhile and go to Egypt to North Sinai where the Egypt 2 Gaza convoy was halted by “Balloza” army checkpoint. There are about 300 activists in this convey
The army officers told the activists they could not let the activists pass because they could not protect them despite the activists made it clear that they were taking the risk. The officers at the check point then said that they would pass only the medicine , then the Youth refused that option and blocked the road for quite some time chanting Pro-Palestinian slogans as well Pro-Revolutionary slogan,chants and songs.
The last I have read from updates about the convey that the Commander of the Second Zone army responsible for North Sinai arrived to the convey.
Updated @2:52 : The convoy will not pass and its organizers are holding a press conference denouncing the decision of the government.
By the way this convoy was declared last by several political parties including the Constitution Party , The Strong Egypt Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party as well movements like April 6 Youth movement and Revolutionary way.
There are several prominent figures in the convoy like Ahmed Harara “Who lost both of his eyes in the 2011 protests by the hands of the security” , Gamila Ismail , Mostafa Naggar , Khaled Ali , Haitham Mohamedeen and Ragia Omran.
Now this convey was announced last week and started its journey from Cairo early Friday and after 200 km as well passing by several police and military checkpoints peacefully before their stop at Balloza.
Historically this happened before during the days of Mubarak , another popular relief convoy was stopped at Balloza.
Amazingly the Egyptian convey to Gaza united the Pro- ElSisi and Pro-Morsi supporters who are both attacking the activists and parties organizing this convoy as PR stunt !! 

The parties will hold a press conference back in Cairo.
Here is a video for the activists singing Sheikh Emam's revolutionary songs 


  1. Zenobia these are the same Communists and hippies and terrorists who caused the defeat of 1967.

    1. You are

      You better not write here again.

    2. Had Egypt's government listened to these people and adopted freedom, it would easily win wars. It would be an innovative powerhouse if it became a liberty loving country like these individuals have been trying to make happen.

  2. In addition to the one for Khaled Ali, there are also Wikipedia articles that you can link to for Ahmed Harara and Haitham Mohamedain:

  3. Despairing expat7/20/2014 08:27:00 AM

    Dear Zeinobia, it is not only Beduins who have no shelters, many small towns and villages in the center do not as well. And the three months old daughter of the Bedouin, and two women of the family are badly wounded. If it was not for the shelters and Iron dome, thousands of Israelis would have been killed. There are no shelters in Gaza because Hamas used all the cement to build underground tunnels where the leaders are protected. Yet Khaled Mashall still refuses a cease fire.

  4. It's also like the old days in another way. During the intifada in 2002, a student group at AUC organized an aid convoy to Palestine. Suzanne Mubarak confiscated the convoy and sent it to Palestine as her own gift.

  5. It is likely that Sisi is more hated in Gaza (and maybe the West Bank too) than Hamas is in Egypt. There is a substantial bloc in Egypt that likes Hamas or is mildly favorable toward them while Sisi must be faced with plummeting support among Palestinians. Abbas can't risk sacrificing himself just for Egypt and the kings and emirs. Conclusion: The Egyptian military and their backers are going to be some of the losers in this. Only way that doesn't happen is if they rethink their policies toward the Palestinian issue.


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