Saturday, July 19, 2014

New valley Massacre : We have to ask

Just minutes before the Ramadan breakfast breaking news came from the Western desert : 15 Egyptian soldiers were killed by smugglers in New Valley governorate.

In less than two hours more details began to surface as well a death toll increasing by the minute. An armed forces check point was attacked by smugglers killing not less than 31 armed forces personnel and Injuring dozens in army checkpoint at El-Farfara oasis.

At least 26 army soldiers and 4 low ranking officers were killed in one of the most worst attacks ever , even in Sinia the numbers are not like that "4 conscripts were killed earlier today in North Sinai in clashes with militants"

The ministry of health also stated that only 3 smugglers or assailants were injured. Yes only 3 !!! Do not ask me how.

Now for hours the official radio stations and sources spoke about smugglers who are angry that Sallom borders crossing between Egypt and Libya was closed after the clashes  in Benghazi and the kidnap of Egyptian truck divers. Here we are not speaking about goods smugglers but rather weapons smugglers that got busy routes in the desert to Upper Egypt to Sudan . Those smugglers are dangerous and armed crazily according to Upper Egyptians.

Then we got the official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Mohamed Samir saying that the soldiers were attacked by "terrorist group" which blew up an ammo warehouse. Of course the Brigadier General says that number of victims is 21 !!!!

So one has to wonder which version is the truth. Yes one has to wonder and ask about this attack and has to raise questions about the training of Egyptian soldiers in such remote areas for God's sake.

It is worth to mention we do not know officially who killed the soldiers in Sinai in 2012. Do you remember that scary attack that no one officially has claimed responsibility of till this day and yet was being used politically now and then ?!

Also according to the news archives this is the second incident of its kind where soldiers are attacked and killed in the Western desert in the same area !!

May those soldiers rest in peace. May we learn from our mistakes. May we learn the truth so their death would not be in vain.


  1. how an army can do their job when mainly involved in politics, business and not concentrating on their tasks?

  2. Also this: Hamas dumbshits fired a rocket that hit the Rafah border crossing and injured an Egyptian soldier.

    1. If Israeli munitions accidentally hit a target in another country, you can be absolutely certain that every last effort would be made to glorify and defend the Israeli action. There also was even an effort to defend the zealots that attacked the American citizen prior to this round of violence. Each side's defenders will overlook anything done by their preferred side. This obviously includes Israel and its massacres as well.

  3. Wiped out , not a platoon, but a complete company with its leaders and officer. Should this have happened during warfare, then it would have been a significant blow and papers would write about it and examine why it happened and how it should never happen.
    The skewed obsessive pre-occupation of elites with "the Case" makes them forget about the death of their own children.

  4. You forget that these weapon smugglers are taking them to Sinai and Gaza - yes, to these nice Hamas people and their Jihadi allies who have killed hundreds of Egyptian soldiers over the years


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