Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-15&16

Tonight we continue our tale , a double tale night as we will hear episodes 356 and 357 to know what happened to Shamalan after know that his monkey was capable of talking like humans.
Here is episode 356 or 15th after the break

The monkey speaks and Shamalan freaks out.Neither the servants nor his mother believe poor Shamalan. They bring the monkey to him and the monkey acts like a monkey.Now Shamalan believes that he was hallucinating. 
Now we are introduced to a new person : Princess Mango , the daughter of prince Shehab The son of the governor is proposed to Mango.
The monkey speaks again alone with Shamalan revealing his secret. Shamalan vows not to reveal the monkey-creature secret otherwise he will lose his monkey and the monkey creature will be a monkey.Now the monkey  reveals that he was a creature that was under spell to become a monkey. His spell will be broken on the following conditions : make Shamalan rich and make him marry princess Mango.
Princess Mango mocks the fact that Shamalan the lazy , the son of a maid and woodsman was asking her hand in marriage. she tells her father to ask Shamalan that he must bring the following to her if he wanted her hand in marriage : a pearls necklace placed on a golden plate on a golden tray. 

Now to episode 357

Shamalan raises the bar and tells the the Prince that he would bring to him more than a pearl necklace in 24 hours only because the princess deserves more. 
Later the strange monkey tells his master that he should have a palace bigger than the prince's palace.In a wink the monkey that is not a monkey transfers Shamalan to a Palace made of gold in an amazing place. He transferred all his slaves and his mom to the new Palace. 
Shamalan gives his maid wicked Matao'a the old Palace. The monkey brings to his master the princess' legendary dowry.
At the same time , Shamalan's mother Mabrooka feels that there was something wicked about the monkey. 

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