Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Once upon time 4 kids played on #Gaza Beach "+18"

Earlier Today there were four kids playing on a beach , they were all cousins and brothers from a family working in the sea as fishermen.
The four boys were 10 years old Ahmed Bakr ,10 years old Zakaria Bakr ,11 years old Mohamed Bakr and 9 years old Ismail Bakr.

The last run 
With no warning the Israeli forces or rather Navy shelled the beach killing on of the boys suddenly then when the other three went to check what happened to their cousin.
And the beach was rocked again by another Israeli attack. That time the three boys joined their cousin in the afterlife while their tiny bodies turned in to pieces.

Their beach was near a hotel where journalists from all over the world are staying. The cameras rolled and the tragedy of the boys who were buried on the same day was recorded and transferred to the whole world.

The world will be angry for awhile and then Bakr boys will be forgotten like the rest of that long list of Palestinian Children killed by Israeli forces for no reason except that they are Palestinians.
The boys and their families’ photos are now in the Front Pages world wide and according to the US department of the State that crime was the mistake of Hamas because they refused the Egyptian initiative to cease fire !!
This is the story of the Bakr boys simply as that.

Here is a horrifying graphic video following the attack immediately.

Another video showing the attack on the children.

New mothers knew that they lost their kids they were waiting for to come back to eat and sleep in their arms.

Officially a week passed after the start of the Israeli attack against Gaza. Today the death toll reached to 226.
Political the Egyptian regime is trying to make Hamas accepts its initiative to cease fire by all measures.
Last night a set of terms allegedly Hamas demanded to cease fire including a term that pissed off many Egyptians mostly from the Pro El-Sisi supporters online. That term allegedly says that the Rafah crossing should be under international and regional supervision.
Of course if those angry Egyptians care so much above National sovereignty and the dignity of our Egyptian armed forces , they would speak about the Camp David accords and how up till this day we are not allowed to have army forces in Zone “C” {The Eastern part of Sinai} except after Israel's approval.
Hamas denied according to Al Mayadeen TV channel that it demanded those terms including the International and regional supervision on the Rafah crossing.
Speaking about the Palestinian factions, I can not do anything except wondering what the evil boy who was kicked out of the West Bank Mohamed Dahlan is doing in Cairo now. Dahlan is back in Cairo and he is a media star now. He is appearing in TV channels and is photographed while visiting the injured from Gaza as if he is an official in the Palestinian authority.
Dahlan is putting on a show 
Of course some say that Dahlan is supported by the Emiratis and the current Egyptian regime to become the president of Palestine instead of Abu Mazen. I believe those some.
Now the word in Cairo is that the Egyptian regime does not look for a cease fire as much to destroy Hamas regardless of the losses because of the Muslim Brotherhood connections and so on. By the way interestingly enough there is a Palestinian
We leave Cairo and its initiative , abroad in the bad evil west things are different. Chile cut its commercial relations with Israel.
From the Chilean Parliament
The leftist bloc in the European Parliament also reacted rejecting the collective punishment to Palestinians unlike many Pro- El-Sisi Egyptians unfortunately.

John Stewart is speaking about Gaza along with Bassem Youssef.
There were protests in solidarity with Gaza in several cities around the world “Egyptian cities are not included” like for instance Washington D.C in front of the White House itself.
Now Hamas accepted Israel’ short truce. We do not know what happened next.


  1. انا مش قادر افهم منطقك الصراحه ... هي مشكلتك مع اسرائيل ولا مع مصر ..الي يقرا المقال يفكر ان مصر هي المتسببه في كل الكوارث الي بتحصل في فلسطين ..انت عايزه ايه بالظبط ..انتي هتحجري علي الناس ..ما الي عايز يتضامن هو حر والي مش عايز هو حر بردو ليه بتزايدو علي الناس مش فاهم ...وبعدين ليه ارفض مبادره هحفظ بيها دم شعبي من الاطفال والعزل ..مين في الدنيا يقول كدا ..اني اسلم مواطني لعدوي يدمرهم ويقتلهم ليه ...كل ده عشان ايه ..انت عايز تحفظ دم شعبك ولا عايز تحرج حكومه مصر ...الاعمي يشوف ان حماس بتساعد اسرائيل وبتديها مبررات تموت بيه الشعب الاعزل ..في حين قاده حماس قاعدين في تركيا وقطر سالمين..وانتي جايه تهاجمي النظام المصري ..بالمنطق ده ..انتو بتدفعو الناس دفع ..لكره القضيه الفلسطنيه وكل ما يتعلق بيه ..ايه علاقه الي بيحصل في غزه ده بمعاهده كامب ديفيد ..واضح ان مشكلتك مع الحكومه المصريه اكبر من حزنك وحرقتك علي الدم الفلسطيني البريء

  2. This conflict is worsening the Israeli image in the western world. The U.S will still lean pro-Israel overall but Europe is another matter. No amount of spin can hide this. The cease-fire proposal can't change this fact either. If Israel mounts a ground invasion of Gaza, Sisi will look like an enabling idiot that helped facilitate the invasion, even if that wasn't his intention.

    This is not to justify atrocities committed by Gazan forces. The leaderships of both sides have shown clearly they don't care much about human life. For that matter, neither does the murderous Egyptian regime. The Gaza war is a strategic debacle for Egyptian, not just a humanitarian problem. Only an idiot would base their Israel/Palestine policy on an obsession with the Muslim Brotherhood which, according to Egyptian officials, is supposedly dying. The MB is an Egyptian movement and so Egyptian racists should stop imposing their dictatorial dichotomies on conflicts in other countries.

  3. "Of course if those angry Egyptians care so much above National sovereignty and the dignity of our Egyptian armed forces , they would speak about the Camp David accords and how up till this day we are not allowed to have army forces in Zone “C” {The Eastern part of Sinai} except after Israel's approval."


    1. Agreements are just pieces of paper.

      Egypt can mobilize its army to the Israeli border whenever it wants to.

      Israel can mobilize its army to the Egyptian border whenever it wants to.

      France can mobilize its army to the German border whenever it wants to.

      Germany can mobilize its army to the French border whenever it wants to.

      Why aren't they doing it? because its in their best interest to keep the peace with their neighbors.

    2. I agree, but just had to point out that the pro-dictatorship Egyptian groups' use of empty nationalist junk is hypocritical and comical. They don't care about consistency and use nationalism like a drug to attack anyone supporting human rights. Many of these people advocate the torture and imprisonment of NGO members while refusing to apply their joke askar nationalism to other topics.

  4. Why don't you address the Hamas government who doesn't want cease fire?

    Hamas government in Gaza wants dead children. They shoot at Israeli children intentionally (luckily, they are heavily defended), and they want photo opportunities of dead Gaza children, so they can "show the world".

    This was obviously an accident by the IDF. Hamas shooting at Israeli children is no accident, its intentional. ISIS killing Iraqi families is intentional. Asad bombarding Syrian cities is intentional.

    There is no hope for the Arab world, unless its start facing its problems and perceptions in a brave and honest manner. The first perception that should be eliminated is that violence is the main way to solve disputes.

  5. Just because that was the response from the WH officially, does not at all mean, that America will now earn it's just negative karma for refusal to do the right thing and they should be aware of it now. The payment is pending. Thats how karma works for a country too. A terrible sin on our White House :( and now our country.

  6. Here, the video is still available today on this Link:

  7. This is simply horrifying. I cannot bring myself to watch the video.

    I understand why you blame Israel.

    I cannot understand why you do not put even more blame on Hamas. Why do they keep firing rockets at Israeli children? How can the Israeli government refrain from attacking Gaza when Hamas will not stop terrorising the citizens of Israel?

    The violence will not stop until *both sides* decide to abandon the path of revenge and violence and accept the right of the other side to exist peacefully.

    1. What you mean by "both sides".?

      How many Zionists killed and injured?
      How many Zionists homes and buildings get distroied?
      Who started the violance?

      It is not War by "two sides"!
      It Is A Mascar by the Criminal Zionists.
      This Criminal Zionist Identy Should Be Dismantel And The Paledtinians Should Return to Live Freely In Their Own Land "All Palestine".

    2. @Hamdy youssef: How does complaining about lack of deaths on the Israeli side help avoid more horrific deaths on the Palestinian side?

      Why do you and other Palestinians keep focusing on dismantling Israel rather than on making your own lives better?

      Why don't you just start ignoring "the Criminal Zionists" and build a better place for you to live in?

      If the Criminal Zionists really want to hurt you, then your best revenge would be to live well: spend your resources on building an economy rather than on rockets. Invest your creativity in ways to profit from the Internet rather than on digging tunnels to attack Israelis. Teach your kids to build rather than to destroy. Build positive meaning into your lives.

      Asking "Who started the violence" will not save the lives of children. The way to save the lives of children is to be the ones who ended the violence.

    3. @Hamdy youssef - if you had to choose between two options: the dismantling of the "Criminal Zionist Entity" - but at the price of many more horrific deaths of Palestinian children, or ending all horrific deaths of Palestinians - but at the price of letting the "Criminal Zionist Entity" continue to exist: which would you choose?

    4. Dear Hamdy youssef,

      Basically you are against any cease fire because "they started it"? and because "nobody was killed from their side"?

      Its not that Hamas didnt try to kill people from their side, the Zionists has anti-missile technology that saved them, otherwise hundreds would have died.

      Basically, you suggest that the Palestinians will fight the "Zionists" to the death. You know that this is what they have been trying since 1947? what good did it bring them?

      And the solution you suggest? mass deportation of millions? or else genocide?


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