Thursday, July 17, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : To Cease Fire or not Cease Fire

And a new episode of negotiations and talks started between Israel and Palestinian factions indirectly started in Cairo.  Israel claimed that a cease fire agreement was reached but Hamas denied.
Already Hamas published its own terms for a cease fire and it has nothing to do with the the set of terms spread online on Wednesday in Egyptian and Palestinian websites. Here are the Hamas’ terms from Electronic Intifada website :
  1. Opening all the crossing with the Gaza Strip.
  2. Opening Rafah crossing, the link between Gaza and Egypt, on a permanent basis, 24 hours per day with international guarantees it will not be closed.
  3. A maritime corridor to Gaza.
  4. Allowing residents of the Gaza Strip to pray in the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
  5. Israel will release the prisoners who were freed as part of the “Shalit” deal, and Israel will abide by the previous agreement reached by prisoners and the Israel Prison Service with Egyptian mediation in 2012.
Now to a Live update for what is happening on the ground right now. The ground operation against Gaza has started. 

I highlighted the second condition for my fellow Egyptians.
Now to the language of numbers regarding Gaza :
  • Death toll increased to 228.
  • The injured increased to more than 1200.
  • According to UNRWA 79 schools and 23 health facilities were destroyed in the past week.
  • There are 22,000 Palestinians displaced from their homes  and currently at 24 UNRWA Shelters. “18 shelters in the city of Gaza” and “6 shelters in Jabailia”
  • Here is an infograph by Wall Street Journal showing the airstrikes' distribution in Gaza. 
Today's afternoon another Palestinian family lost 3 of its children again in another airstrike. 
I lost counting the number of Palestinian Children killed in that aggression. 
El-Kassem declared its responsibility of a daring operation where its commandos stormed a military Israeli post using tunnels. This is a change. 


  1. Aaaand... in go the ground forces!

  2. According to this, the main demand of Gaza government (Hamas) is to open the border crossings with Israel and Egypt, while they keep shooting at Israeli towns, and they keep insulting Egypt.

    Hamas are really a bunch of geniuses... no wonder nobody likes them.

    1. Egypt is insulting a huge amount of places with its stupid policy of arresting foreign journalists and becoming a human rights cesspool. It has also done a fair bit of killing of Palestinian, Sudanese, Syrian, and other refugees in this century. The Egyptian leadership isn't really a beacon of intelligence. Neither is the Israeli right wing. Abbas is smarter than most of the Egyptian, Israeli, or Gazan leaders but is pretty powerless.

  3. Thanks for your hard work. Israel is gaining and gaining and gaining, more and more heaped up "negative karma". They want ALL the land, bottom line here, and everything else, is just an excuse to get it all!!

    1. Not sure this is accurate. Israel had the land and gave it away. Israel accepted the UN resolution to divide the land to start with. Arabs lost the land in a legitimate self defense war. That's how the International laws work. Otherwise the whole world would be at war again. The sad fact is that Arabs or Muslims don't believe all humans are equal. If you ask any Arab, what would happen to Jews if we get back Palestine, they could not care less about their fate. Its tragic but Israel is doing the right thing. Arabs only understand one language.

    2. Readers: Deb is an astrologer. Keep that in mind.

  4. Once again Israel starts the attacks and when the Palestinians fight back against them Israel claims self defense as an excuse for more attacks. Israeli targeted killings, missiles strikes, arrests, property confiscation, home demolitions, attacks on refugee camps, all occurred before the first rocket was fired by Hamas in self defense.

    1. Your are wrong.

      Hamas doesn't want cease fire. Read their messages.

    2. Hawkeye63: You are right

  5. Jews lived on the land over three thousand years ago, gaywad. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    1. There were also groups that predated either of the two modern warring sides.

  6. I am not sure about what two of you write and why?

    Arab and Muslims were and are not against Jews.

    What the Zionists did and doing against Jewdism and all religions...against humanity.

  7. if i understand correctly the infograph is showing the rockets firing from Gaza and not the Israeli airstrike,not the it really matters. what a sad and horrible deadlock.


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