Saturday, July 5, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-7

And of course things happen unexpectedly to change the course of fate in our Arabian Nights’ tale of mysterious Shamalan.

Tonight is the 348th episode in our Classical Radio nights. You can hear the episode after the break in Arabic and read the synopsis in English.

Mabrooka listened to the instructions of the strange dervish carefully , she boiled the apple he gave her in a cauldron. For some reason she left her hut leaving the apple to boil and for another reason Zakzok , the woodsman returned  the hut earlier. Already he did not feel well.

Zakzok ate the apple. When his wife returned from the market , she told him about the story of “Abu Tarab” and the magical apple. Did not believe much in such talk , the couple laughed. Mabrooka wondered if her husband would become a pregnant.

Next day the wicked lady friend of Mabrooka was speaking with Zakzok wondering why wickedly he would not marry another woman to have a child.

Selling the wood her husband brought from the forest at the house of chief merchant in the city , Mabrooka got a generous offer to work as a maid but she refused.

Back at their small hut , Zakzok feels sick and wishes to eat beans mud “whatever that thing is” and her wife is wondering sarcastically if he were pregnant

You can check back the previous episodes here.

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