Friday, July 4, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-5 and 6

As I am Sick and tired I missed last night episode of the Radio Arabian nights but it is never too late to return back to this fairy tale world , it is much better than the depressing daily dose of torture , murder, detention and explosives devices in addition to austerity measures in Egypt

And we are back to the tale inside tale , the famous technique used in 1001 book. Tonight we will begin to know the mystery and tale of Shamalan, that filthy rich man who was once a Sultan and now is being called Lazy Shamalan.

You can hear the 5th episode or rather the 346th episode of the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian Nights after the break 

Shamalan is arrested and the king is insisting to know his story , a story inside a story as I hinted before.

Now  we will start our 347th night , we will know tale of Shamalan , which is another tale inside a tale


We are introduced to Shamalan’s parents , a very poor couple living in the woods. The father “Zakzok” works as a woodsman while the mother “Mabrooka” is a housewife. Living happily despite their poverty , only one thing the woodsman and his wife wished for : To have a kid.

One day Mabrooka is warned by a friend that her husband may marry another woman for the sake of the baby.

In desperate moment Mabrooka calls for a miracle and suddenly out of nowhere a dervish appears to her. That dervish calls himself “Abu Tarab” and he gives her an apple. He told her to boil that apple and eat her that night and that she would have a happy baby. Mabrooka would listen to the strange Dervish’s instruction carefully but something happened suddenly that changed everything.

Come back tomorrow to know what happened.

You can check back the previous episodes here.

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