Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-10 and 11

Tonight is a double bill , we going to hear two episodes instead of one. Tonight the luck of Shamalan ,the lazy and his poor mother Mabrooka is going to change.

You can hear episode no.351 which is our 10th epsidoe from the Radio Arabian nights this year after the break

During his trade tour , the chief merchant and his crew found out that their ship was stuck and did not move a further mile. They found out that the reason that they did not get anything to Shamalan and his mom by those two pounds. Yup it is like betraying their trust and thus heavens punish them. 
Stopping at the nearest island , the deserted island of pineapple they found a man that sells monkeys. The chief merchant decided to buy for Shamalan and his mom a monkey. The mysterious man sold him a very old peculiar monkey. 
That old peculiar monkey acts like human on the ship in a strange way. 
Meanwhile the Shamalan's laziness gives his mom hard time. 

Now to episode no.351 which is the 11th in our nights

The chief merchant's ship stops at the pearls' fishermen. They wished to get some pearls but got none. To their amazement that old monkey acting like humans dived in to the sea and got not only huge pearls but amazing jewels.

Back home Shamalan and his mother were called to get their share from that tour which turned to be the biggest, they are no more the joke of the town.Chief Jaafar gives Shamalan the monkey and the jewels.

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