Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : And the Attack continues

And the attack against Gaza continues.
Not less than 40 have been killed most from the civilians. Hundreds have been injured. Tens of houses have been shelled by the Israeli forces including the houses of Hamas leading figures.
The Palestinian militant resistance groups did not stop its attack either.
El-Kassam brigades published more details about its daring commandos' operation against the Israeli naval base. Yes the commandos were killed but the operation is unique.
El-Kassam diving commandos units 
By the way El-Kassem Brigades named this operation "The 10th of Ramadan" dedicating it to the souls of the Egyptian officers and soldiers killed in the 1973 war in a very smart move.
Here is a video released by El-Kassem Brigades showing the training of their naval commandos.
Rockets reaching to Tel Aviv and Haifa and naval commandos operations show a new level if I am not mistaken.
Back to Egypt it turns out that the Rafah crossing is still closed. What the Pro-El Sisi supporters claimed last night that the Field Marshal gave his orders to open the crossing for the injured. Well it is a rumor.
Officially Egypt demanded that both Israel and Hamas stop the fight. Some Foreign experts say that Egypt lost its power over Hamas.
On the other hand an explosive device blew up in North Sinai killing up at least one army solider and injuring other 4 soldiers. This attack for sure will be used by the mainstream media to attack the Gazans.


  1. Zeinobia, I hope one day you will be able to write fairly about the situation. You do not believe that Hamas is also to blame for what is happening?

  2. It wouldn't be a shock if the PA itself and not just Gaza has tossed Egypt aside as a useless "ally" and now looks for more reputable mediators. Who wouldn't after Sisi and his buds tried to push Dahlan on the PA as a way to throw out Abbas? Any Egyptian proxy is a terrible choice. But Dahlan is far from the only reason to reject Egyptian dominance. He is not even the most important reason.

    Sisi impotently gazes at the Israel/Palestine crisis and the Iraqi crisis without a clue as to a solution. What a joke this "president is. His sole specialty is the murder and torture of Egyptians.

  3. Rahma Allah swt Our Only Arab And Muslim Leader and President Gamal Abd El Nasser.

    What the Arab Governments Are Doing Now ?!

    1. Hamdy, because Egypt is full of Nasser-worshipping Jew-obsessed leftbots like you, it may never be a rich country.

  4. The Arab Revolution Should Continue.


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