Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Once again

Once again Israel is attacking Gaza. Since early morning the raids have not stopped at all. I wanted to speak about what is happening in Palestine in the past week but sickness and that jazz in Egypt made difficult. Anyhow it is never too late.
The rockets are coming and going from Gaza in the same endless cycle of attack and counter attack. Of course IDF has geared up its force from F16 , Drones and Apache. So far Israel bombed not less than 50 targets in Gaza including residential homes. The new operation is called "Protective edge".
According to Palestinian activists the causalities reached to 1 martyr and 43 injuries including 3 women and one child
Updated @11:11 PM:
The death toll of Palestinians increased to not less than 20  so far. 
The IAF shelled the a house killing at least 6 children from one family, the Kawara'a family. The IAF warned that it would target this house but its owners refused to leave and along other people in the area they went to defend it. The IAF blew up the house with tens of injured and not less than 7 or 8 were killed.
Over 100 were injured after more than 200 Israeli raids.
The Palestinian resistance militant groups did not stand still and they launched tens of mortars.
Abu El-Ali Brigades claimed responsibility for targeting 3 Israeli cities this morning. 
El-Kassam Brigades announced for the first time that its commandos attacked an Israeli naval base.
The Statement of Al Qassam brigades

A photo for El-Qassam commandos
The Palestinian rockets reached to Tel Aviv , Haifa and Jerusalem for the first time forcing millions of Israel to head to the shelters.
Amazingly ISIS claimed responsibility for the murder of the Israeli teens and yet Gaza is once again being punished. 
By the way today is the anniversary of the 1973 war  in the Hagri calendar aka the Tenth of Ramadan war anniversary.
There is the new old talk about ground invasion but IDF officers and soldiers on the ground told foreign reporters that they have not got any invasion orders yet but there are huge deployments taking place on the borders.
Hamas held a press conference telling Israel to stop its attack and release the prisoners as well to respect the truce between them 
This is the first Gaza attack test for El-Sisi and his administration.I wonder if he can save the day in the same way like Morsi did in 2012. Already DPA claimed that Egypt's spy chief Mohamed Tohamy was in Tel Aviv holding talks with Israeli officials in the past few days.  There has been no confirmation or denial regarding this matter. Officially Egypt denounced the Israeli raids and ..it will not open the Rafah crossing. This evening El-Sisi spoke with Abu Mazen promising to work on ceasing fire. Honestly this is another test for El-Sisi besides economy and politics. 
El-Sisi's supporters online are gloating disgustingly.
See the photos from Gaza , since early morning.


  1. TY for this great report, Z. Wow, some of those pics are horrific. I don't see that ISIS claimed credit reported elsewhere. Perhaps the claim was not deemed credible.

    1. PS. Zenobia, your last link above the fold, "Egypt's spy chief...", needs to be fixed.

  2. I suspect your minister's visit to Israel is as likely to be because he is getting instructions on how to support them as anything else. Remember, the MB is the real threat and Zionism your ally.

  3. "Fighting is written on you, you may hate fighting but it is better for you."

    Nasser on Palestine occupation: What was taken by force has to be returned by force.

    Then What the Arab Governmemts were doing last 44 years and still doing ?

    The Arab Revolution July 1952 and January 2011 Should Continue for Our Freedom and Social Justice.

    1. Hamdy, when Arabs attack Israel they always get their ass handed to them on a platter.

      "Social Justice" is just newspeak used by leftists to defend looting, violence, and destruction committed by society's losers. Protip: Crime is unjust regardless of the social class of the criminal.

    2. Sisi said that Egypt delivered an ass kicking in the 1973 war that was made possible by economic sacrifices.


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