Monday, August 4, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : The Palestinian demands are here

Here are the set of demands all the Palestinian factions including Hamas and Fatah agreed to presented to Cairo :

  • The immediate Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and halting their airstrikes.
  • Lifting the economic blockade and opening the border crossings.
  • Securing the entrance of goods, all requirements of reconstruction and freedom of movement.
  • Guaranteeing the existence of a connection between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • Re-opening of the Gaza airport and establishing a seaport.
  • Lifting the Israeli-imposed no-go zone near the Gaza border fence.
  • Ending all punitive measures on the Palestinian people in the West Bank after 12 June 2014, which includes:
  1. Opening institutions and restoring confiscated public and private properties.
  2. Ending aggression against Palestinians by Israeli settlers.
  3. Releasing members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and re-arrested prisoners.
  • Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip through cooperation between the Palestinian unity government and the United Nations and delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinians including food, water and medicine and the immediate re-opening of power plants.
  • Holding an international donors' conference under the leadership of Norway and joined by European, Arab and Islamic states as well as the United States, Turkey, Japan, Russia, China and the rest of UN member-states.
  • The aim is to provide the needed finances for re-building the strip according to a specific time plan.

These were the demands of Hamas and Jihad since day one despite all the rumors spread in the Egyptian media. Of course the part dealing with the borders crossing with Egypt went down from “Opening the borders permanently with international guarantees”  to “opening the border crossings”

The fact that Fatah supports these demands mean that the Palestinians are truly supporting these demands and when I mean the Palestinians I speak here about both military wings and people in the streets.

Whether you like it or not but unlike other times the military resistance of the Palestinian factions proved itself and it won’t give up after those achievements. On the other hand the Israeli government can not give up either with that support it got from the Knesset or the public support in the street after weeks of mobilization.

The latest news from Cairo that there will be another 72 hours truce starting from tomorrow. It is not confirmed yet especially reporters in Gaza claim that not all factions approve it including members in Hamas. I assume they mean El-Qassam.

Updated :

Sky News Arabia says that Israel and the Palestinian factions agreed on 3 days truce.


  1. Gaza border crossing are currently open for food and supplies. There is no shortage of food and gas in Gaza.

    So, why does the Hamas want "open crossings"? To refill their stock of rockets to attack Israeli cities. They are heroes, long live the resistance !

  2. They are heroes, long live the resistance.

  3. The childrens Killers left Gaza. To Hell Inshaa Allah swt

    1. With so many Hamas heroes fighting, how come only children are dead? Are they using the children as shields?

      Hamas are the main children killers, they try to kill Zionists children and mostly fail, however, they do succeed with Gaza people children.

      The Israeli army left Gaza, but Hamas want them back, since Hamas stated they will resume the fire tomorrow morning. I guess Hamas want more dead bodies. Real heroes.


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