Sunday, August 3, 2014

The story of Islam Yaken , the Story of good middle class boys gone bad everywhere

And the Egyptian social media universe has nothing to speak about except Islam Yaken , Egypt's latest Social media star.

 Mr. Islam Yaken is 23 years young man who comes from a Middle Class family in Cairo and he is currently in Iraq after joining ISIS. He keeps us updated about his adventures in the neo-caliphate on twitter.

Islam Yaken joined the ISIS in Syria and now he is in Iraq taking photos with swords and chopped heads and posting them on Twitter and Instagram making him a Hipster ISIS fighter.

On twitter He tells us that the ISIS will come to Cairo. He says that he joined the ISIS from two years ago to fight in Syria and that he was not a member in the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nour Party which he considered as infidel institutions. He says that he is doing what the Muslims were doing from 14 centuries.

He is not the first Egyptian to join radical Jihadist groups but his background makes so interesting in the eyes of many especially from his social class.

Islam was educated at Lycée la Liberté Héliopolis and studied law at Ain Shams University. I think he is the most famous graduate from Lycée la Liberté Héliopolis.
In his school "Facebook" 

He used to be an instructor at some gym where he used to post photos showing off his abs.
In his gym days 
Yaken closed his Facebook page or may be it was reported but those who dig info about him " I mean the word" said that this young voted in 2012 presidential elections for Khaled Ali "Extreme left" and then voted for Morsi in the runoffs then allegedly he joined Al Nour party.
Then In 2013 allegedly he left Egypt to Syria joining the ISIS where he took funky photos.

Nevertheless there are other traces of Yaken online showing the before and after changes. Here is his profile in the VK European social network where he showed off his abs and had European girls contact.
Taking graphic photographs of his abs and then with beheads persons or rather of heads and bragging about taking over a house online shows that we are not dealing with a stable personality in the first place.

Now what amazes me is not the transformation of Islam Yaken as much as the shock many Egyptians from the Middle and Upper class showed online on how a young man like Islam who had everything from their point of view went to the dark side. With my all due respect young men as well young women from the middle and upper classes go to the dark side all the time.

Aside from the horrifying stories of murderers from the Middle and Upper classes from Egypt and all over the world , can people just remember that the current leader of Al Qaeda is Dr. Ayman El-Zawahary who comes from a rich family , lived and was educated in the Upper class area of Maadi !?

For God’s sake the founder of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden used to spent summer in Europe every year when he was a young man !!

I feel that there is a stereotyping here that only the poor join those groups. Well poverty and ignorance play a role in recruiting and brainwashing young people in to radical groups but the rich and middle class good boys also fall from the tree and they join radical groups and cults committing crimes against humanity.

We saw many examples in the ISIS especially those Europeans joining them.In fact we saw many examples in radical groups and cults all over the globe. I do not know why I suddenly remember  Leslie Van Hounten in Manson's family.

Of course one must wonder on why a man like Yaken joined the ISIS but we should not act that it did not happen before or it won’t happen again.

When I look back to Islam besides of course seeing a trouble brainwashed person , I see social and political problems besides religious fanaticism. For decades we tried the security solution to combat religious radicalism and we failed.

The security solution is the easiest. We fear to tackle the social , cultural , political and economic aspects of that radicalism problem in general because we know it will be much harder than security solution. We fear to admit our failure as simple as that. 


  1. Zeinobia said: "I feel that there is a stereotyping here that only the poor join those groups. Well poverty and ignorance play a role in recruiting and brainwashing young people in to radical groups but the rich and middle class good boys also fall from the tree and they join radical groups and cults committing crimes against humanity."

    That stereotyping is often used by socialists, communists, and other lefties. The chant "No justice, no peace" is an example of that. Also the assertion that the way to fight crime or terrorism is through education. Since you, Zeinobia, like most Egyptian liberals, are on the kook leftist fringe by American standards, I am surprised you do not subscribe to that horseshit. Surprised and pleased.

    Lack of education is indeed not the problem. Several of the 9/11 bombers and planners had strong Western educations. Look at the thanks we get, eh? But actually the problem is Islam itself. Specifically, the use the Koran and hadiths to justify killing infidels. Or robbing them (jizya).

    1. This post reads like a parody of a particular line of argument made by those who love essentializing rhetoric.

  2. Rich educated jews bragging about how many Palestinian kids he killed, or celebrating no need for schools in Gaza since children there are being wiped out, are living proof that western education system is no guarantee for raising normal human beings. The problem Ms brainwashed is that this is a third crusade. The west cant get over they lost the last two.

    1. There are definitely idiots on both sides.

      The problem with the Palestinians in Gaza is that their idiots are the rulers, usually through horrible violence where they kill the more moderate and balanced opposition, they call them "traitors" and kill them or send them to exile. This is how its done currently in the middle-east, wish it was different

  3. You are the problem for sure.

    ISLAM is the solution.

    1. No, Islam is and has been the problem since it's inception 1400 years ago.

    2. No, right wing ideology is usually the problem with religious extremists. Religious extremism normally fits into a form of right wingism. Most ongoing wars across the world were started by right wing delusions. Right wing terrorists do not take responsibility for themselves and claim other cultures made them commit massacres. Zeinobia is right.

    3. Hamdy youssef i agree

  4. Hahah... you don't think it is fake? There is no evidence that this person is really in Iraq, all the pictures could have been taken in Egypt! I saw that Twitter account before and the pictures... it looks like a parody.

  5. Troubled people, who are most susceptible to brainwashing, come from all walks of life.

  6. Some people try to forget that the West destroied their God giving beatiful Europe twice (wwI and wwII) and murdered 70 millions Western people.

    They did not stop killing people since ww II, in Algier, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and now like dogs in Gaza

    Stop your ignorance to avoid WWIII

    1. Dont you think Saddam Hussein (with his invasion into Kuwait ) had anything to do with the destruction in Iraq? dont you think the Taliban (hosting Bin-Laden) had anything to do with the destruction in Afghanistan? Dont you think the Hammas, in launching numerous rocket attacks on Tel-Aviv , had anything to do with the destruction in Gaza?

      Nothing? no connection? its always somebody else fault?

  7. zeinobia: You should stop publishing the ignorant comments of the Zionists who are doing their best to undermind what you write
    they do not have any logic

    1. Why don't you go do something your kind are really good at like boinking goats and camels! haha

  8. Egyptian Chronicles is more fun and more interesting when Zionists, Islamists, terrorists, and all the rest can have a say. The more the merrier. Also, stop telling Zeinobia how to run her blog.

  9. Please answer THIS question and only THIS question.
    What would the Middle East look like if Israel,Palestinians and Arabs agree and implement a real peace agreement today?
    Note: No arguments.....just a simple answer.
    Thank You,
    The Canadian.

    1. It would look a lot better. Many unrelated problems would still exist but we could say for sure that the Levant would be in better shape and would probably be progressing more if a real peace agreement took hold. Less silly hate from all sources and sides, less war, at least somewhat less extremism.

    2. It would look the same.

      Israel and Palestine together are just a tiny dot on the middle-east map (both together has around 27,000 square km).

      The media and tyrants of the middle-east uses this conflict to hide the much bigger problems of the middle-east.



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