Sunday, August 3, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-26&27

and we continue our tale ; the tale of Shamalan who will rescue his princess who is currently a hostage of a tyranny from the Jinn realm. To refresh your memory check the previous episodes.
You can hear episode 366 aka episode 26 of the Ramadan Arabian radio nights after the break.

Now princess Mango is not giving up her hopes to return back to Shamalan and at the same time evil Gulbhar gives his orders to his minister Abd Nar to kill Shamalan. Abde Nar fails because he could not find Shamalan.
On the other hand Shamalan is waiting for the old man’s donkey to speak and tell him how to get to the realm of Jinn. Shamalan lost hope that the donkey was going to speak but the old man proved him wrong. He told that the donkey was speaking the other day to an old ox and that donkey advised the ox to pretend to be sick in order to have a rest the next day. 
Here is episode 367 aka episode 27

The old donkey indeed was talking to the ox and told him to pretend the sick and next day the old man and Shamalan found the ox pretending to be sick. Teaching the old donkey a lesson the old man took it to do the ox’s work in the farm. Angry from the ox after that hard work, the donkey “Salama” told the other animal that his owner was going to butcher him because he believed it was sick.
Next day to Shamalan’s surprise they found the ox acting fine. Shamalan knew that Abu Tarab was not bluffing at all. The donkey speaks. The old man told Shamalan to spend more time with the donkey may be it will speak to him eventually.
Back to the Jinn realm , that old maid assigned to protect Prince Mango starts to believe in God and decided to join the rebels against the tyranny king Gulbhar.
At the same Gulbhar gives her orders to torture poor Mango.

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