Monday, September 15, 2014

Alaa and the rest of the #Shura detainees are released "Updated"

Huge development I didnot expect to be honest. A Cairo criminal court has ordered the release of Alaa Abdel Fattah , Wael Metawally and Ahmed Abdel Rahman "Nouby" aka the Shura council clashes detainees on bail. The court also referred the personal videos shown in court by prosecution illegally to prosecutor general to be investigated in order to know who was responsible for this scandal.
Alaa and Wael happy in cage by Sherif Abdel Kaddous
Here is a video for the session.
The court's judges also decided to step down for embarrassment. Ok now an explanation for all this.
Alaa and 24 other protesters and activists were sentenced 15 years in jail for breaking the protest law , assaulting police officers and stealing a walki-talkie as well in absentia.
This is the photo of the day indeed.
The happiness of the Abdel Fattah family "Ravy Shaker"
Alaa was sentenced 15 years in jail because of unconstitutional protest law that many demand now either to be amended or to be cancelled.
Mona Seif hugging another girl in court today
"Sherif Abdel Kaddous"

Alaa Abdel Fattah , Ahmed Abdel Rahman and Wael Matewally were arrested outside the court on that day and were sent to prison. The absentia means there would be a retrial and according to the law the defendants can be released in the retrial.

The rest of the defendants in the case
"Sherif Abdel Kaddous"
For months we had this retrial with lots and lots of adjournments.Alaa demanded the judges panel to step down because he didnot trust the judge who was accused of elections fraud during the judicial supervision of elections 2005 if I am not mistaken.

Of course you know that Alaa's renowned lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam passed away from two weeks ago.

Nouby with the victory sign in the cage
by Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP
The last session of the retrial was full drama starting with the contradicting eye witnesses' testimonies " from police officers" to the video news reports that prove nothing to the fact that the Egyptian prosecution used personal videos taken from Alaa's personal laptop without any right to incriminate the prominent activist. One of those videos was showing Manal Hassan, Alaa's wife dancing in some family event !!!
Showing the personal videos in the court illegally by the prosecution made many people angry.
When security forces stormed Alaa's house last year arresting him and physically assaulting his wife ,the laptops in his house were confiscated without any prosecution's warrant.
It is worth to mention last session Alaa want to address the court but the court refused to listen to his word which was published online. His letter was an emotional eloquent demand to the judge to release him pending the trial and to step demand.
Podcaster Matar El-Ghawai presented it in audio, it was great. Alaa has been on a hunger strike demanding his release for more than 20 days. Nouby has been on hunger strike for 20 days while 'Wael Matewelly has been on hunger strike for about 4 days if I am not mistaken.
Now Alaa , Nouby and Wael will be released today inshallah after paying the LE 15000 bail each. I am so happy for real.
  • The trio was released earlier from Tora prison and they went to their homes. 
Alaa with his mom "Unknown source"
  • Needless to say they look fragile and thin. Here is Nouby below among his friends in Abdeen , downtown Cairo. As you can see he lost a lot of weight.
Nouby among friends by Nazly Hussein 
  • Here is a video by Nazly Hussein showing Nouby and his reception in Abdeen 

  • Here is the photo of Wael Matewally following his release with famous Egyptian blogger Mahmoud Salem aka Sandmonkey. Matewally lost a lot of weight too. 
Wael Matewally with a friend and Mahmoud Salem
  • The hunger strike is still on , yes Mona and Alaa as well other activists announced that they will continue the hunger strike till the release of all detainees imprisoned because of the protest law and the amendment or cancellation of that unconstitutional law. 
  • Alaa is back to his family and he is tweeting in solidarity with other political detainees on hunger strike like Ahmed Douma who is extremely sick. Here is the photo of Alaa with his wife Manal by his sister Mona Seif 

By Mona Seif 
  • Alaa tweeted the following hours after his release calling for the freedom of all detainees.
  • Ahmed Douma and. Mohamed Soltan are extremely sick. Mohamed Soltan was transferred to the ICU but Douma has not been transferred to hospital despite He should.Douma's wife Nourhan Hazy's issued an emotional plea to El-Sisi to release her sick husband. 


  1. You know why they were released, right Zeinobia? It was because the judges were so moved when they read your last post, and the comments.

  2. Z while you and your friends spread non stop your message of detestation towards the leadership of the country, it's people, despite life hardships , caused in some measure by your constant agitation, have just expressed in a huge way their full confidence in their President as well as the hope he inspires them, by subscribing massively to the new Suez. More than thirty billion pounds in three days ! Who would have believed ! Certainly not you.

    Of course you totally ignore this and clearly prefer to bash with the stamp.

    1. Now we know: not only 30 billion pounds in three days, but 60 billions pounds in eight banking days. To all malcontents: Egypt lives long and there is nothing you can do against that.


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