Saturday, September 13, 2014

#EgyHungerstrike : Dying to live

For weeks now the the hunger strike movement started from few weeks in different Egyptian jails by political detainees accused in cases related to the infamous protest law has gained more supporters.

Today it is being escalated with tens of journalists and activists declaring their partial strike at the journalists syndicate demanding the cancellation of the unconstitutional protest law.

More people from activists , journalists and youth are joining the hunger strike as well pro-Jan26 revolution parties " The Constitution party , Strong Egypt Party, the Popular current , The bread and liberty party, Thr Egyptian social Democratic Party, the popular socialist alliance" and movements like April 6 Youth movement and Revolutionary Socialists.

Despite the hunger strike movement originally started earlier this year by detainees like Abdullah El-Shamy " who is free now" and Mohamed Soltan who became an icon , the hunger strike gained media attention with the announcement of Alaa Abdel Fattah that he would start a hunger strike to object his imprisonment. The movement is now called "جبنا آخرنا" {we had enought} quoting the prominent blogger activist who was sent to jail during the time of Mubarak, SCAF, Morsi and now El-Sisi.

Abdel Fattah was followed by other activists and protesters including his sister Sana'a imprisoned in protest law related cases.

Here are some numbers and names related to the hunger strike :

  • Today September 13 there are 60 detainees in Egyptian prisoners are on full and partial hunger strike.
  • Outside the prisons there are 80 citizens who started full hunger strike.
  • There is hunger strike movement in Tora prison , Al-Qantar prison, Qena general prison , Fayoum prison, Abu Zabaal prison.
  • The most prominent figures in that strike : Mohamed Sultan "226 days- has been transferred to the ICU" , Ibrahim Yamani "154 days" , Alaa Abd Fattah "26 days" , Nouby "18 days" , Sanaa Abdel Fattah "15 days" and Ahmed Douma "15 days".
  • There are detained journalists participating in the hunger strike Ahmed Gamal Ziyad "who works in Yaqeen network" and Mahmoud Abu Zaid "Shawkan, the freelance photographer"

Now we got a movement that can't be ignored. In the end I want to say that those young people who are thrown in jail demanding liberty and democracy are dying so we can live in a better Egypt.

Here is a photo gallery from the event at the journalists' syndicate.




  1. The Revolutionary Socialists? And the Popular Socialist Alliance? Hahaaa!. I hope they starve themselves to death promptly.

    What a shame. Some poor guys unjustly jailed by the Sisi regime start a hunger strike to call attention to their tragic situation, a non-political outrage that everyone can oppose; and predictably, like clockwork, all manner of communists, near-communists, quasi-communists and meta-communists climb on board. Not only do these leftist shitbags and hangers-on dilute the Wrongful Imprisonment message of the original hunger strikers, but they justify the inevitable charge by El Sisi and his supporters that unjust imprisonment has nothing to do with it, the hunger strikers are just assorted leftist scum looking for attention.

    We have the same problem in the States. As soon as you protest anything the Revolutionary Socialists, the Socialist Revolutionaries, and the Peoples Revolutionary Socialist Workers Vanguard all show up yelling through bullhorns and peddling their deplorable newspapers.

    1. You should also consider that most of these guys support a freer Egypt than what its assorted previous rulers have. Yes, they have extreme and unworkable economic views, however, these factions do espouse a greater level of religious, political, and social freedom than many others and can help counterbalance the brutal authoritarian forces than are keep Egypt locked in subjugation.

      Stalinists, Leninists, and Maoists are deplorable but most of the groups supporting the Egyptian hunger strikes do not advocate a Soviet Egypt and could help provide at least some initial alternative to the fruitcakes. They are an improvement over Nasserists and Mubarakists.

      It would be a problem if support for the hunger strikers exclusively came from one ideological component, yet it seems that the support is escalated and has expanded to enough movements to avoid that issue. Movements like the Constitution Party and the April 6 both have lent their support, as have many of the Ultras and humanitarian movements with no political affiliation.

    2. O.K., I hope their support is not just, as you say, broad, but also perceived as broad. I hate to see innocent guys languish. I spent two months in jail and it's unpleasant. Far worse in Egypt, I daresay.

  2. Forget about Jason and what he write...
    he is just a waste of time


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