Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Egypt's oldest pyramid's SOS

I can't wait till I fix my old laptop or get a new one to write this post. I want to write a comprehensive post about the disaster awaiting Egypt's oldest pyramid "The pyramid of Djoser" in Sakarra but I feel that I can not wait any longer.

Now I think you have read that the 4500 B.C years old pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara area, Giza may collapse because of bad restoration works that added more damage to the old amazing building that needs urgent rescue.

The pyramid Djoser by Heba El-Kholy

Earlier this week the UNSEC demanded the Egyptian government to present a full report about the situation of the pyramid and its condition after renovation or to be accurate during the unfinished disasterous restoration work

Of course the government or rather the minister of antiquities claims that there is nothing wrong with the pyramid and that those who are making a noise about it in Egypt are members in the Muslim Brotherhood who we're staying in Raba'a sit in !!! Yes the minister pulled the MB card as usual.

Al-Masry Al-Youm published a shocking report with photos about the whole tons of rocks fall now from that old pyramid

Also there are lots and lots of question marks about the company responsible for the restoration works , El-Shorbagy for restoration works which is a subsidiary of El-Shorbagy For constructions. Now despite the company claims to be Egypt's no.1 in antiquities' restoration while archeologists say the opposite. Needless to say I have never heard about it in restoration works.

Amazingly I listened to one of the managers from the company speaking about the pyramid in Akhar Kalam TV show on ONTV show and aside from being weak in his answers , we found out that the company did not have a full map or a blue print of the pyramid and that they did not know about the different paths inside the pyramid or the old wells outside it !!

This is just the tip of the ice-berg. I am mad and fierce because besides everything wrong in this crazy country we got one of the oldest pyramids on the verge of collapse because of lack of transparency, corruption and incompetence.

We cry about how evil IS destroy monuments in Syria and Iraq while we destroy Egypt's world heritage. This pyramid is not owned alone by Egypt but it is owned by world heritage. It is not just a pyramid but rather another leap in human civilization and our government is destroying it by its usual incompetence.






  1. It's criminal.Thanks once again for informing us about a disastrous situation that denial and corruption play a big role in.

  2. I have said it before on this blog (when that library of important Egyptian history documents burned down in Cairo) and I'll say it again: Egypt must swallow its pride and put all its antiquities under the care of the British Museum, either paying them to do it or, even better, simply deeding all its rights and responsibilities including not only maintenance but outright ownership. Britain was Egypt's colonial responsibility so there is a precedent of reasonableness.

    Egypt must say to Britain and the world: "I cannot take care of my own antiquities. I need Britain to do it for me. When I have grown up and can sit at the table with stable, mature developed nations I will ask for them back, but although the words stick in my throat, no matter how great the humiliation, I must make this request for the sake of the irreplaceable patrimony of the human race."

  3. All my support to the preservation of huge egyptian heritage!!!!! Saqqara pyramid is astonishing and I agree with you that it's humanity common labour.

    Best regards

  4. Thank you for showing the ugly face of the current situation.

  5. Someone is re-calling for the return of the ugly face of occupation..... he is....

    should be removed from blog.

    1. Are you talking about me, Hamdy? Your post is awful in so many ways. It's terrible even by your low standards.

      You belong on Homeland Security's no-fly list. Hello, CIA? FBI? NSA? Hamdy Youssef is a terrorist supporter. Hamdy Youssef probably wants to blow up airplanes. Hamdy Youssef may be a threat to national security. Hamdy Youssef should never have been allowed to enter Canada and it might be dangerous to allow him to enter the United States or other Western countries. Please put Hamdy Youssef on the no-fly list.

    2. Hahaaaa! Anonymous 10/07/2014 04:21:00 AM, you have been paying attention. 10/10.


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