Saturday, September 27, 2014

#Dyingtolive : They are still on hunger strike

The group of hunger strikers from detainees and Prisoners in Egyptian prisons are still insisting to complete their strike despite the regime and media's neglect.

Mohamed Soltan has hit a record in his hunger strike , unprecedented in Egyptian history with 242 days. Of course the price he has to pay for this or rather his freedom is health if not his life. Soltan's life is in extreme danger now. His family could not see him last week at prison and the court adjourned his case as usual refusing to release him for health condition pending the trial.

As he is the son of outspoken controversial MB preacher Soltan does not find a lot of support in Egyptian media outside the young activists-sphere. I am extremely worried about his life now.

Nevertheless sometimes I believe even if there is a huge noise for him like famous activist Ahmed Douma who is imprisoned for breaking the unconstitutional protest law and also on a hunger strike, he would face the same treatment like Douma. Douma's requests to be transferred to hospital are rejected. His request to the court panel of his cabinet hq clashes "December 2011" is also rejected.

Douma has been hunger strike for a month now. Earlier today the ministry of interior "MOI" claimed that he stopped his strike but his wife Nourhan Hafzy denied that. I believe Nourhan more than the MOI with its long history of lying.

El-Sisi claimed that in New York that there were freedoms of expression and media ..etc in Egypt, I do not know what to say that the world is small village now and he cannot fool anyone with slogans that only work with his local supporters in Egypt

Reminder the strikers will continue their hunger strike till their release and the cancellation of the protest law. It is worth to mention after US Secretary of State John Kerry there was a strong talk that the protest law would be amended within days but soon enough we know officially it will remain as it is.



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