Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome to the New Egypt

For the first time ads and billboards about Egypt show up in New York's times square this week. The same week where president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is in the Big Apple participating in the UNGA summit. The ads show the pyramids,Suez Cana and an ancient Egyptian temple with the words "peace , prosperity, growth" over the big bold words : The new words {The New Egypt}

I see this back in Cairo and I wonder what new Egypt they are speaking about when the same old faces of Mubarak regime are renovating themselves in a new presidential cult era.

I wonder what kind of peace , prosperity and growth we will have in Egypt when a police state is being enforced day after day through a set of laws restricting freedoms of expression , media and assembly as well press and NGO funding. Thousands of detainees are arrested because of unconstitutional law and hundreds are sentenced to death in highly politicalized trial and TV shows are cancelled because of censorship while the newspapers are demanded by the president to stop criticizing the government. That new Egypt is quite promising !!

Since when police state or military state has ever brought peace or prosperity or growth throughout history for real not to mention in country suffering of corruption for decades. Freedom and democracy bring peace and prosperity as well growth and we got many examples in the world

These ads and billboards in New York City are allegedly paid by steel tycoon Ahmed Abu Hashima who is in NY also to support the new president. Abu Hashima is really smart , he managed to sort his matters during Mohamed Morsi's rule striking deals now with the Turkish and Qatari businessmen and now he is supporting the Field Marshal strongly in the States.



  1. I think the word " the new Egypt " is just an illusion people use it to convince themselves that everything is stable and we will keep our life in peace but in fact there is no going back to stable days and alot of things will change and fall sooner or later

  2. "Since when police state or military state has ever brought peace or prosperity or growth throughout history"

    if it is a question, the answer :
    In a big country called China and small country called Singapore

  3. There is an old saying, "The more things change, the more they remain the same".

  4. شدي اللحاف يا صفية مفيش فايدة


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