Saturday, October 4, 2014

#FreeDetainees : Their #Eid is in prison

I do not know who thought about this amazing idea but it is great one. Last night on Eid Al-Adha's eve a group of Pro-Democracy activists in Egypt hanged posters of the young political detainees and prisoners on billboards in one of the busiest Upper middle class streets in Giza govenorate.

The poster of Mohamed Soltan by '@i3taff' on instagram

It is brilliant idea.The young pro-democracy activists did it at night.

Now the posters features faces of the famous detianees and prisoners who are currently in jail like Mohamed Soltan , Yara Sallem , Sanaa Seif , Ahmed Gama Zeida and Shawkan as well Sohip Emad , the young teenager who is still in school and arrested in protest from several months ago.The posters got few words that say it a lot "Their Eid {Feast} is in prison"

The posters covered the ads in Nadi El-Sid street 'Shooting SC street' in Giza which is an Upper Middle Class area. Now it is not only a busy street because of the club but on Eid's mornning it is extremely busy because thousands of Muslims heading to Shooting Club to pray the Eid prayer so those posters are exposed to huge audience

Updated: The posters were also put in Wadi Al Nil street which is also a busy Upper Middle class in Mohendessin area , Giza.

Here is a photogallery of the posters.

By the way political activist Ahmed Douma has been transferred to Kasr Al-Aini hospital in a very critical condition earlier today. Douma end his hunger strike after the extreme deterioration of his health. After pleas of political parties and the activists as well renowned political figures , the 26 years old renowned activist was transferred to the hsoptial. We do not know much about his exact medical condition but one thing for sure : He suffers from shortage of Potassium and he needs an ICU care for at least 48 hours to pass that critical condition.

Douma is serving three years jail sentence for breaking the unconstitutional protest law along with April 6 Youth movement co-founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel.



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