Wednesday, October 8, 2014

God loves #Morsi and #Sisi Coz This is #Egypt

This video clip was aired live on Egyptian TV where President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was praying the Adha Eid prayer along a number of officials including the Prime minister and minister of interior who did not complete their Hajj personally to attend the prayer.

It was part of the Eid Speech by former minister of religious endowment Al-Hamadi Abu El-Nawar where he was speaking about president El-Sisi and his popularity that reached heavens.
He says God, Archangel Gabriel and other angels love Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi and this is why the whole world loved him in the United Nation General assembly from two weeks ago. Shamelessly twisting prophet Mohamed 'PBUH' quotes to prove that , the old sheikh stated that on air while the president was listenning. One thougt that this kind talk would end after 30 June , at least this what was claimed then.
I remember that people went so angry and mad when similiar sheikhs claimed that ousted president Mohamed Morsi was supported by God , the angels and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" according to visions and dreams
I remember very well that Bassem Youssef made a whole segment about those hypocrites in his suspended TV show during Morsi's era.
Now I totally understand how the MB and their supporters use religion in this way but I am puzzled on how the new ruling regime is using it and is okay with it when it claims that it is against the religious state and there will be no mix of religioin and politics in the so-called New Egypt.
Personally I watch that clip as well remember how El-Sisi stated during the elections campaign that the president was responsible for the religion and the manners of the society and I laugh on how some Pro-El-Sisi supporters see the man as Egypt's Ataturk's who will establish the ultimate secular state in Egypt !!!!
Of course to be honest it is not about Morsi or El-Sisi , it is about the Pharaoh cult in Egypt that goes back to thousands of years. The pharaoh or ruler in this country is always supported by the Gods and sometimes he is the son of God or the God himself incarnated.
By the way that Sheikh who believes that heavens loves El-Sisi comes from Al-Azhar , a religious institution that once before the 23 July 1952 stood against King Farouk himself for breaking the rules of Islam and attempting to issue a Fatwa to serve his interest.


  1. Sometimes we just need to get a grip and understand that there is a certain fatedness to the world, just as there is to each person. President Sadat realized this from what his wife once wrote in her autobiography, "Woman of Egypt". Its very sad, but the handwriting is on the wall. The Revolution failed and all those dear souls perished trying to change the corruption into something more ideal for the whole. Its sad, sad sad, but its true:

  2. The involvement of the military in controlling the purpose and direction of the post-June 30 political landscape had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with secularism. And, as for the Ataturk comparisons, the government's anti-democratic foreign backers - Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait, all adamantly oppose any sort of Egyptian Ataturk. An Egyptian Ataturk would cause them problems somewhat like what they faced with Nasser. They do not want any sort of Egyptian regional leadership, whether it comes from the MB, real Nasserists, atheists, communists, Copts, or any other category. Some kind of Egyptian Ataturk would pose an unacceptable, unchained danger to these states. In any event, the ideology of the feloul and the militarists contradicts Ataturkism on numerous points. The two are entirely separate sets of ideologies. The main point of agreement is on extreme nationalism and the support of a military caste establishing a position at the top of society.

    The Egyptian state's foreign backers also oppose Egyptian democratic movements like the Dostour party and are working to destroy multi-faith liberalism in Bahrain and Kuwait. It is no surprise that they are failing at addressing IS and are spouting delusional approaches to the Libya problems.

    It would be false to claim that support for freedom is a fringe viewpoint amongst Bahrainis. If given the chance to govern, the opposition of that country, especially its youth component, would take the country in a vastly superior direction.

    The entire point of military domination of politics is to give the military leadership unlimited power over society and the country's wealth. Making the leaders out to be divinely sanctioned heroes fits with this strategy. It shouldn't come as a surprise considering how it has been employed in Myanmar, North Korea, Sri Lanka, and South America. Ancient governments saw the superior power of this sort of propaganda over purely mundane and easily refuted arguments. The main difference for modern autocracies is that they are having a harder time convincing people of these sorts of claims.

    The Myanmar junta is trying to divide its opponents by offering religious leaders state supported prestige and power if they will accept a role of promoting radical nationalism and a suppression of minorities. One of the primary purposes in the junta encouraging strife against minorities is to distract, demoralize, and divide those opposed to the dictatorial clique ruling the country.

    Juntas that originally claim to only have a secular basis for their grip on power often end up utilizing this strategy.

  3. Adelita Gonzalez10/17/2014 05:58:00 PM

    Salaam, nice writing. I find it very interesting that you comment in the invocations of Allah and such in a somewhat haram manner, right? Like for the King, it seems like. Sort of what the European powers tried to get away from when they transitioned from monarchies to supposed democracies. But anyway, I found more interesting the cultural, long lasting tie you make to the Paharoanic inheritance. It reminds me a lot of how Mexico really puts the Virgen M ary on a very high pedestal. And it is obvious to me, after living there so long, and my father is from Zmexico, that is not because of Catholicism! but because of the natives of America very strong love for the feminine. They shroud the woman Ina lot of blessing. Like Mother Earth type thing, as well the giver of life. So it is interesting to see how others might think things are attributable to a religion, but you actually have to scratch the surface and see the underlying people. Thank you.


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