Thursday, October 9, 2014

Remembering #9Oct : The Black Day of #Maspero Massacre

On Thursday a very dark memory passed by silently in Egypt , it was the anniversary of Maspero massacre. A dark moment for Egypt in the 21st century where not less than 28 Egyptians were killed by Egypt's military police in a horrifying crime that was recorded live. Those Egyptians were Christians protesting in Egypt's first authorized protest in 2011 and the Egyptian National TV considered them as criminals asking the Egyptians to save the army from their attack.

Three years passed and no one was really found guilty for the murder of those protesters in the case that was investigated by the military prosecution. Even the soldier who was found guilty of manslaughter "running over the protesters with the army armored vehicle" took only 3 year. A sentence was suspended later by the way because the solider's appeal was accepted and there is a new retrial I do not know honestly its developments.

Three years passed and the only ones who remembered the martyrs are the same groups holding on the 25 January Dream sincerely.

When there was a media silence regarding that dark memory yesterday, few protesters commemorated the massacre with two stands Thursday afternoon. The first one was a short silent stand at the famous staircase of the journalists syndicate. It was small silent stand and short one as well.

The other one was bigger and was organized by Maspero Youth Union at Shubra roundabout , at the same place where the rally of angry Christians protesters started to march to Maspero building from three ago. The number of protesters was bigger , holding posters of the martyrs like iconic Mina Daniel.

The younger generations attending the protesters chanted against the military rule and the military. One of their chants was 'Sisi, Sisi , why is not Tantawy standing a trial ?" in reference to former Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy ,the head of SCAF during Maspero Massacre.Here is a photogallery from both protests.

Here is a video from Mosireen to refresh your memory about that dark moment in our modern history.

I can't and won't forget the role of Egyptian National TV and how it incited sectarianism on air calling the Egyptian people "Muslims" to save the Egyptian armed forces from the Copts' attacks.

Of course Mrs. Rasha Magdy whose plea to turn the people against the Christians who were attacking the Egyptian army is now one of the super stars of the anti-Jan25 TV channel Sada El-Balad owned by NDP tycoon Mohamed Abu El-Anin.

Sadly enough Rasha Magdy hosted on air the official armed forces' the 41st celebration of the October war anniversary earlier this week. I do not think that was a coincidence.


Personally I do not think that was coincidence that Magdy would be chosen for such event when her co-host was none other than anti-Jan25 infamous state security informant Ahmed Moussa. "He admitted on air that he was SS informant proudly"

Interestingly from a week ago on Sada El-Balad TV channel , Ahmed Moussa hosted a guest who claimed that the terrorist group "The Muslim Brotherhood" planned the Maspero Massacre with the revolutionary powers.

Moussa's show on that Pro-Mubarak pro-Military channel is to defame the 25 January revolution and its icons by all possible ways.

It is just sad , it is disgusting on how the celebration of such war would be presented by awful bigots like those two.

Now some people including some Christians bought the crap that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind this massacre despite we all lived it and we saw it live. You can realize how much the media brainwashed the people in that year by listening to them.

Of course as the Muslim brotherhood and their supporters try to remind the people those who killed the people in Maspero were from the army that ousted Morsi. They remind the people by that and forget how they acted during then.

I can not forget how the Salafists and Islamists organized a Pro-army protest in Downtown Cairo then.

I can not forget either how the Islamist TV channels "closed since 30 June" used to attack Christians claiming that they attacked and killed the military police first.

Of course when we go back to October 2011 and think thoroughly about what happened then , we will realize that price of silence and incitement then was paid heavily in August 2013. Yes the Maspero massacre and other clashes and massacres that took place in 2011 paved the way to Rabaa massacre.

Still one day the victims' rights whether in Maspero or Rabaa will return back.




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  1. Excellent report that I totally endorse.And you are right payback is coming no doubt some day ...


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