Sunday, October 12, 2014

Welcome to spy academy !!

When Al shorouk newspaper reported that Cairo university was going to use the so-called patriotic students for spying on aka the troublemaking students in the new academic year 2014-2015 , some people did not believe it and accuse the newspaper of fabricating the news.
Of course the minister of higher education denied this news claiming that he would not turn the students to spies and informants. The minister can claim what he wants but we have got now professors who confess that they use students to spy on other students on campus. Here is a video clip for Dr.Hussein Aweida from Al Azhar Univeristy confesses that he uses students from his hometown to spy on other students.

TV host Mahmoud Saad went mad when he heard that talk.
Universities remained the pain in the regime's ass with the ongoing protests that took place all over the country last year. Not less than 11 students were killed on campus across the country in protests that turned clashes with the security forces.

We are not talking here about Pro- Morsi protests anymore. Things evolved from Pro-Morsi protest to Protests of non-Islamist political forces to protests demanding the release of students arrested in the protests.
This is not a new thing , in fact recruiting students to spy on their colleagues on campus is an old nasty tradition that goes back to the days of Nasser.Some of those young informants became big names in the society after joining the ruling party in the years that followed. The new thing is the officials declare publicly that they would use students as informants.
This academic year witnesses unprecedented security restrictions on students in universities all over Egypt where students can expel if they dare to speak bad about El-Sisi and partisan affiliated groups are no longer allowed on campus.
No political activity is allowed in nutshell even in the faculty of Economics and Political sciences in Cairo Univerrsity !!!Yeah they cancelled the faculty's annual camp this year because it discusses politics !!
As if this regime doesn't want to destroy the present but it intends to destroy the future for sake of its survival. This is like a generational war , an old generation raised on fear and spying on each other taking orders from security regrets to give up to a generation that wants a clean honorable start of bright future.


  1. you've been blogging in English for a full decade. How can you not have learned:
    - there are no spaces before punctuation marks.
    - it is almost never appropriate to end a sentence with an exclamation mark, and definitely NEVER more than one.
    - quote marks and parentheses work very differently in English than they do in Arabic.
    - check your spelling.
    And these are just the most basic things you should have learned. 7aram.

  2. اهلا زنوبيا
    كل عام وانتى بالف خير

    لا جديد تحت الشمس
    كل دا معروف ومش جديد
    الامنجية كثير فى اى جامعه ومعروفين ومعروف الدكاترة كمان
    ومن الغريب ان الطريق الى العمادة مفروش بخدماتك للدولة والنظام ..
    كان عندى دكتور معروف لكل الناس بانه امنجى صرف وهو بيقولها صراحة
    والحمد لله الراجل بعد يمكن 6 سنوات من دفعتنا اترقى وبقى وكيل الكلية وبعدين عميد

  3. I add my voice (loudly) to the comment above regarding your absolute apathy towards us.

    I also shine the spotlight on your lack of participation in the comments section.

    So, why do I erratically visit this blog? .. To get some behind-the-scenes "facts" .. definitely not for logically fallacious and shallow opinions!

    Also, I invite you to research Dunning Kruger Effect. It may explain some of the reasons for this virulent epidemic across this god-less land.


  4. And your decision to censure my comment is a direct reflection of the malaise that infects Egyptian society.

    Have you considered that you may not have the capacity to realize the extent of your in-capacities.


    1. Greetings, @Who!!! (I love it when people give themselves nicknames!) You mean censored, right? She didn't say anything, so she didn't censure you. But she probably didn't censor you either. Zeinobia seldom censors my posts. Once in a great while. More often it takes her a long time, like a couple of days, to review the comments, so my growing fear of being censored turns out to be unrealized. Keep in mind she's blogging on a tablet these days. What a nightmare.

      It's true she doesn't engage us in the comments lately.

      Why is that, @Zeinobia? Is it apathy as Who says? Or are you too busy, or what?

      This blog's readership has changed gradually over the years. It used to be mostly Egyptians and Egyptian expatriates. Over the course of time more Westerners began commenting. It may be we have so little common ground (in her view) that she expects dialog to be unrewarding.

      @Hamdy Youssef, are you too busy planning terrorists attacks to comment this evening?

  5. Sad, but not surprising. Spying on colleagues at school and workplace is a characteristically if not uniquely leftist phenomenon, and universities are the canonical bastions of leftism. The Stasi archives revealed that in pre-unification East Germany, it was common even for children to be encouraged to spy on their parents.

    Zeinobia, how come Egypt isn't sending ground forces to fight ISIS? Or even planes to plink ISIS's artillery from a safe distance? You guys haven't fought a war in a long time. Your armed forces are getting rusty and would benefit from practice. It's not just Egypt, of course. All the nations in the area look like chickens who, once again, are expecting the USA to do the dirty work for not a word of thanks; instead we are expected silently to endure accusations of imperialism, blood for oil, crusades, the whole deluded litany.

    And, yeah, as the guy says, in English (and German, French, Spanish, etc.) you don't put a space before a punctuation mark. Perhaps you have made the conscious decision to adopt the Arabic convention for stylistic reasons? It's not a good writing style any more than stuttering is a good oratorical flourish.

  6. Criticising her grammar! Get a life guys this is a political blog not a Dickens novel.

  7. Left is freedom, social justice, environment, bread for everybody, dignity...dictatorship is a fascist thing!

    1. Bread for everyone. Blinis with caviar, champagne, and private dachas on the Black Sea for the party bosses. Moron.


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