Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The students are back indeed

Last Saturday the new academic year kicked off in Egyptian universities with lots and lots of non-stop drama. Starting with early Saturday morning security forces launched a wave from arrests across the country targeting the leading figures of the student movements in Egyptian universities.
Then on Saturday morning the students were welcomed by Private security firm "Falcon" responsible for the security in 15 public universities. For hours students stood in queues to be inspected by Falcon security guards at their electronic gates.
On Sunday the Pro-MB 'Students against Coup' organized protests in several campuses across the country calling it after Leftist Sheikh Emam and Poet Ahmed Fouad Nagm's song in 1970s "The students are back". 

The political song was praising the students movement in 1970s. Anyhow back to our time and to Sunday, the protests did not only attract the MB supporters but also the Non-Islamist students who were provoked by the Falcon scene the day before as well the mass arrests wave.
Students in Cairo, Mansoura, Helwan, Ain Shams, Al-Azhar and Alexandria organized protests chanting against the regime and Falcon. Of course in Cairo and Al-Azhar Universities things turned violent where students smashed the electronic gate and Falcon security guards forcing them to run away. Of course security forces had to interfere to disperse the protests in a familiar scene we know from last year.
On Monday things were calmer and then on Tuesday clashes erupted madly in University of Alexandria , Faculty of engineering after a protest on Campus. Again started as Pro-MB Students against Coup protest , Police forces dispersed violently on campus using live ammunition and bird-shots. Ironically the police violated the Protest law when it comes to steps of dispersing an illegal protest as it uses ammunition and its men wear plain clothes !!!
Police did not only storm the campus arresting whoever they saw in front of them but they also stormed classrooms arresting and inspecting the students there whether boys or girls. Now dozens are arrested and young student in a critical condition is fighting death in ICU after a terrible head shot. This young man could lose his sight.
The regime thinks that when its security storms campus with live ammunition and bird shots , the Pro-MB students will be harmed and afraid. Well there is one problem when you storm an University campus violently harming students you will harm Non-MB students and both them and the Pro-MB students will not be scared and they can be united one day against you.
Of course the past days revealed as a new bread of so-called intellectuals in Egypt who didn't only support the security solution on campus but also went a bit far with even more repressive solutions. Like for instance the internationally renowned author Youssef Zidan demanded that Al-Azhar University would be closed for a whole year while Al-Masry Al-Youm's editor in chief demands that universities to close its dorms in Egypt because dorms are the incumbents of radicalism in Egypt and there are no university Prominent TV host Amr Adeeb led the voices demanding the government to cancel the Free University Education.
Old generations living under 62 years of repressive rule in fear are insisting those universities whether MB or Non-MB should be very thankful that they are being educated freely and that Universities aren't place for politics.
Needless to say things are not that promising when we are speaking about democratic reforms in Egypt with all that repressive measures and laws not to mention upcoming witch hunt being prepared publicly for human rights organizations as well the non-stop bombings in Egypt.


  1. Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.....

  2. Hi salaam, I was just reminding myself of the university student uprisings in Mexico in 2012. People wonder if these springs have stopped, and it is obvious to me, that as long as the movement is among the young people, it will never stop. People are silly to think it will. While the police are not so violent or intrusive as it sounds they are in Masr, the candidate opposed did get elected. He is currently the president of Mexico.mjazakhallah

  3. Do you know if these protesting students are asking for anything else than the return of MB? If no, then they must be halted.
    There is a very difficult choice out there in Egypt between Democratic reform and Economic reform.
    If you look at the thousands of killed in the surrounding countries and at the level of poverty in Egypt, then 2014-2015 should be years of economic reforms

    1. Tyranny inevitably leads to killing, suffering, war, and death. Freedom does not. The wars in nearby countries are reasons to reform Egypt, not to drive it backwards into primitive repression.

    2. Keep dreaming, they will never be any economic reform under El SiSi. He is president to serve the interest of the elite in Egypt.
      W.M from Canada

  4. "a new "breed" not bread. Bread you eat like aish? Thats okay however, well written otherwise.
    Sorry to hear there is still turmoil throughout. Won't help tourism rebound. :(


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