Saturday, October 18, 2014

Egyptian restoration style

I am not an expert in restoration or renovation of old monuments but I think I have eyes to see there is something wrong.This is a-before and after photo showing Fatimid era Al-Juyushi Mosque in Moqattam.
Al-Juyushi Mosque Before and After

The mosque that was built by the commander of the Fatimid armies in Egypt Badr Al-Jamali in the 11th century was turned in to ruins in the 20th century and of course the Egyptian government ignored despite its historical value. Recently Egypt's only lucky as well most mysterious Shiite Bohra Community decided to renovate or rather to build the ancient mosque.

From the photo you can see that all the signs of the historical building were wiped out from outside. Yes it was more of ruins but now it looks like a brand new mosque not a mosque that was built in the 11th century to oversee the new capital of Fatimids in North Africa.

Do you remember the controversy of Djoser pyramid which has not ended yet in Egypt ? I spoke about it before here briefly in the blog. Among the controversial points that raised in the debate that El-Shorbagy restoration Company used new stones in the first step base outside the pyramid destroying its ancient look. You can see what I mean here.

Djoser pyramid's new base by Galal Amr

That photo was taken by dear Galal Amr.

I believe that some contractors and officials in Egypt believe that restoration and renovation works mean rebuilding the place , the old place as if it were new from scratch. Of course this will generate more money than restoring history.

I think this point should be raised and discussed when we speak about restoration and renovation in Egypt.





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  1. I agree with you 100 pct. The mosque "restoration" is shocking. It looks like some transplanted Greek monastery. Actually I think ruins provide a better sense of history, as well as a place for meditation.


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