Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Day to Remember "5th November 2014"

We will remember the 5th of November 2014 very well for sure.

The day started with a horrifying road accident in Behaira governorate where not less than 16 high school students were killed. The photos from the scene were horrifying.It is more than frustrating when you know that this is the second accident where students get killed on the road. A simliar accident took place in Sohage from 2 days ago.

It is not a big secret Egypt has the highest rate of road accidents in North Africa and it is not a secret either that the number of people who get killed annually because of car accidents are more than the number of Egypt's official recorded martyrs in all of its wars. We all know that and the government in Egypt knows that too.

Then we followed the UN Universal periodic review of the Egypt's Human rights record and the UN human rights council's member countries' concerns and recommendations. In nutshell the Egyptian officials spoke about another Egypt than the Egypt we live in denying that there are any violations regarding human rights especially when it comes to detention or torture or protest law..etc.

They think also they passed the test. Of course the recommendations of the meeting are not binding to Egypt.

The United States and EU countries slammed Egypt for the NGOs draft law and the Protest law as well detention of journalists as well death sentences...etc. Arab countries including Qatar and Russia are so happy with our human rights records "of course". Israel wants its spy Mr. El-Tarabin back and Armenia wants the Egyptian government to look after the Armenian community. "Honestly speaking one of the most oldest and fantastic commmunities in Egypt"

Philiphines wants the government to look after the domestic workers aka the servants and the rest of the world wants better women's empowerment. The sexual harassment epidemic was mentioned too. Oh and Yemen says that Egypt succeeded in National reconciliation. I do not know what Reconciliation they meant for real.

Personally I do not think the world's concerns and recommendations will make any difference in Egypt now and thank God El-Sisi proved that I am right.

After few hours of the session President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi appointed former Mubarak and SCAF's international cooperation minister/the Iron Lady who brought down the foreign NGOs and ended their evil plots against Egypt in 2012 Faiza Abu El-Naga as his national security advisor.

Some will say that this is a great achievement for women in Egypt when a woman is appointed by the president as his national security advisor , well one thing I learned in those 4 years : Do not be so happy with symbolic as well superificial changes.

Now this decision is taken days before NGOs have to register in accordance to the old Mubarak's NGO law despite the government is claiming that the new NGOs law will be submitted to the parliament which will be elected as it seems next year. Also the draft of the new NGOs law is not that promising , more goverment control and more restrictions on the civil society and human rights organizations.

With Abu El-Naga's notorious past with the NGOs , some look to the presidential decree and her new position as a declaration of war against the civil society in Egypt.

El-Sisi also appointed former Morsi's minister of interior Ahmed Gamal El-Din as the president's advisor for security. I believe during Gamal El-Din's era Mohamed Mahmoud 2 clashes took place where April 6 youth member Jika was killed. Jika was the icon of the protests against the Muslim Brotherhood where the media accused Morsi and his interior minister.

In the evening I read in news websites that there is another road accident in the same location of the tragic accident in the morning in Behaira and yet another 3 people are killed.

And a bomb explosion at Monuf train station , Mounfia in Delta kills at least one low ranking police officer and injures 11 !!!

That's it for the 5th of November this year.





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  2. Trifecta is in play! All we need is one more bus crash killing 16 students. Keep your fingers crossed!

    This is a slightly obscure morbid inside joke. It's common on some boards such as,, and others.


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