Saturday, November 8, 2014

Bassem Youssef speaks about the Naked Emperor

In very short but straight to the point words, Bassem Youssef spoke in the Oslo Freedom Forum 2014. You must see it.

When I think about I believe that Youssef's show was not stopped only because it spoke about the emporer and his clothes , it was stopped also because what Bassem referred in his short word in Oslo as a sorry excuse for media in Egypt was exposed to the world. Bassem exposed the propaganda of the regime in Egypt and that was enough reason to shut him down in all possible ways.

This year the Oslo Freedom Forum had really interesting set of speakers from the Middle East like Bassem Youssef and Iyad El-Baghdadi.

God knows how much Bassem Youssef and his team are missed these days.

Bassem Youssef spoke last month in UC Berkeley and he said that he was not Nelson Mandela.He also added he suspended the show because he cared for his family's safety. Youssef is not Mandela but he is one of those kids that laughed at how the emperor was naked when all the town was afraid and God knows the future insh Allah is for those kids.


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