Monday, December 1, 2014

After #Mubarak's acquittal

Mubarak is acquitted and the leaders of the Arab world are calling him to congratulate him.It is merry news for them of course after all now Western media says that this verdict was like the last straw to the Arab Spring.

Anyhow today Anti-Mubarak/Anti-Sisi non-Islamists protests began to spread in Egyptian universities. We got protests in Cairo University , Helwan University and Alexandria University..etc.

The media claims that they are Islamists and Anti-Coup students but this is not untrue , already not all those students are Islamists. Most of these students are members of April 6 youth , Constitution party and Strong Egypt party. Not to mention their rallies were different than the Pro-Morsi Students against coup "SAC" rallies and they refused to cooperate with SAC students.

Yes they refused to coopeprate with them because now many of the revolutionary activists remember how the MB politicans rejected totally the revolutionary trials. It was one of the MB's many mistakes we and they paid its price heavily.

Of course not only the MB politicans rejected those trials but we got other politicans as well like Mohamed ElBaradei. Personally I feared from that type of trials because of injustice and the fear we would repeat the revolutionary courts of 1952. I was wrong , we need them. Ironically now the MB demands revolutionary trials for Mubarak and ElSisi.

The mainstream media today has been repeating the same song in the past 48 hours: Who killed the protesters ?

It can not be coincidence that almost several newspapers in Egypt "mostly privately owned newspapers ask the same question on the Front page.

I told you that Mount Olympus gave its order to its mainstream media as well its own minions in the social media to ask this question wondering who killed the protesters. The orders were giving as it seems to spread rumors about how the anti-Mubarak verdict protests will be infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood's members who will be carrying guns to kill people...etc !!

Sunday's papers

The TV talk shows and TV hosts repeated the same lame question. The thing is that most of those TV hosts were attacking Mubarak and his brutal criminal regime from three years ago.
Of course not all the TV hosts joined that choir. Dear friend and ONTV anchorman Ahmed Kheir El-Din broke the taboo and said on air what I would dare and say millions of angry Egyptians dared to say.

Ahmed Kheir attacked that corrupted regime eloquently in Arabic reminding with those who were killed yesterday and in the past years.

At least three protesters including a 14 years old boy were killed in the dispersal of Saturday's protests at Abdel Moneim Riyad square. The Ministry of interior accused the MB of killing those protesters as expected


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