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Let it leak : Phone calls leaks season 2 in #Egypt

And it seems that we returned once again to the new season of phone calls leaks in Egypt but this time it seems we have one hell of a season.This time we are dealing with alleged several phone calls from El-Sisi's office involving members of SCAF and current prosecutor general in Egypt. Yes forget the boring calls of the activits we are speaking SCAF !!

A Pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV channel called "Mekameleen" aired Old recorded phone calls Thursday night between Mamdouh Shahin , the minister of defense aide for legal affairs and the following name : Vice admiral Osama El-Gendy ,The commander in chief of Egyptian Navy forces, the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim , Lt. General Mahmoud Hejazy and Major General Abbas Kamel , the head of El-Sisi's office whether in the army or presidency.

In nutshell those 30 minutes alleged phone calls were about a technical legal problem concerning Mohamed Morsi's detention after his ouster. Morsi was allegedly detained in some military navy base prior his transfer to jail.

It is illegal in Egypt to detain a civilian in any military facility without any legal reason not to mention technically he was illegally detained for no charge officially since 3 July 2013 and so this can blow up his trials.

So the officials mentioned above allegedly falsified evidence in order to change the locations or rather the ownership of the building where Morsi was detained.

Explicitly it was said during those alleged phone calls that the building where Morsi was detained would be officially recognized as some old prison following the ministry of interior instead of the Egyptian navy whether on paper or in the real world.

If they are true , those alleged phone calls are more than alarming. We are speaking about a High level security breach in the national security and national security decision makers who break the law.

We can not authenticate those calls but damage is done already. Social media is on fire about Those calls in #Sisileaks hashtags whether in Arabic or English.

In the past 24 hours peope began to connect dots and pieces together from what they know from those alleged phones and websites archives.

Since his ouster till appearing in court to be referred to Tora prison , Mohamed Morsi was believed to be detained at military barracks. It was said that he was detained at the Presidential Guards club then he was transferred to undisclosed place in some military base after the Presidential guards clashes between the army and his supporters.

He was visited in his place by EU delegation and the African Union delegation as well in that undisclosed place.

Then he appeared in November 2013 wearing the white jail jumpsuit after he was transferred to Borg El-Arab prison in Alexandria. Morsi was referred to court in December 2013.

Now there has been no official statement regarding where he was detained from his ouster till he was transferred to Borg El-Arab prison. Interestingly there have been only statements by prosecution officials about the whereabouts to some newspapers.

For instance this short El-Watan news article from March 2014 says Morsi had been detained after his ouster at Abou Kir Navy base since 5 July 2013 as the base was officially recognized as maximum security prison by the minister of interior Ibrahim. That was stated by the representative of General Prosecution in Egypt Judge Ibrahim Saleh. This news was reported by ONA news agency as well.

This is the not the first time Abou Kir Navy base was mentioned because on 4 November 2013 in the first day of Morsi's trial his defense team revealed that he was being detained at Abou Kir Navy base.

Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was still a minister of defense and was called a Field Marshal in the calls then during the alleged phone calls.He was promoted to Field Marshal last 27 January 2014.

The Pro-Morsi supporters reached online to another controversial alleged evidence about how Morsi's alleged detention location changed from a place under armed forces' control "illegal" to police's control "legal". Now They got Abou Kir navy base on Google earth and check its buildings according to the phone calls' description as well the changes in the location , they claim that the building mentioned in the phone calls. "Via : @bigpharaoh"

By Big Pharaoh on Twitter

On the other hand the Pro El-Sisi supporters claim that the phone calls are fabricated by Turkish and Qatari intelligence.They also claim that there is a 100 years old old prison in the Abou Kir area. Some of them even defended those calls claiming that there was no problem in falsifying evidence.

The MB didnot waste time and are spreading the alleged phone calls like fire.

The frenzy didnot stop at here , it extended to the more pressing questions "why were those calls leaked ?" , "how were they leaked ?" And "WHO recorded and leaked them to the MB? "

The first theory says that ousted president Morsi will be released like ousted president Mubarak and those leaks are preparing the public for that. Well there are two problems regarding this theory. The first one those calls were illegally recorded and cannot be considered a legal evidence in court.

As much as those leaks "if proven authentic" blow up Morsi's trials , they incriminate the SCAF , El-Sisi and the current Prosecutor General. Logically the current regime won't like to incriminate itself or to create any kind of sympathy to Morsi.

The second theory says that there is some nasty fight in Mount Olympus , I believe that theory for different reasons. First if those leaks are real , then we are an infiltration to the highest level of decision making ranks in the Egyptian national security. Second those leaks only arrived to the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters now despite they were recorded from several months ago. Third those calls harm El-Sisi and his image after Mubarak's acquittal , it is another blow to him.

The third theory says that the phone calls are fake made by the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a big probability that the leaks are fake but if they are fabricated why not to fabricate calls that prove actually Morsi's innocence directly instead of fabricating calls about legal technicalities to win people's support. Also I do not understand why the MB had to wait all the time to release those leaks.

The fourth theory says that the calls are authentic but they were recorded by some MB sympatheizer who breached all those security levels. Now I am reading that this MB sympatheizer is none other Mamdouh Shahin himself !! Yes and according to those promoting this theory online because his son is married to a young lady from El-Katatany's family " as in Saad El-Katatany, the MB leading figure despite Shahin's in-laws are not MB !!"

The fifth theory says that former chief of staff Sami Annan is behind those recordings. Allegedly the former chief of staff is having his moment of revenge after his political party was rejected by the political parties committee last Thursday.

There have been no official reaction from the president's office or the armed forces or the navy regarding those leaks.

Hours following the release of those calls online , We found out that at 1 AM Pro-Military / Pro-Mubarak Ahmed Moussa spreading rumors that Mubarak had passed away on TV. Of course it was proven to be only to be a rumor. It is worth to mention that Moussa says that he is proud of being a State security informant.

Updated :

  • Unnamed military sources accused the Muslim Brotherhood of standing behind those fabricated leaks on Friday
  • On the same day The Prosecutor General ordered an investigation in to those fabricated leaks which are speard by the MB. Yes he declared that they were fabricated and spread by the MB today at the same time he ordered an investigation. He also warned the media in Egypt from the legal consequences of spreading those leaks.

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  1. Here is the leaked tape on Youtube:

    It has English subtitles, but I wish I understood Arabic. I have no idea, no guess even, whether it's real or a hoax.

    Zeinobia, thanks for detailing the various theories. Fascinating!


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