Monday, December 8, 2014

I think we need an explanation

In 48 hours we found out that 2 embassies have decided to suspend their work in Cairo forcing many to ask questions and to worry.

On Saturday Australia issued officially a travel warning to its citizens about Egypt for ongoing political turmoil and the fear of possible terrorist attacks.

On Sunday UK embassy in Cairo decided to suspend its work in Cairo , they did not say when they are going to resume their work. It was more than shocking because from a week ago current UK ambassador in Egypt John Casson did what not so many Egyptian officials do and visited Al-Minya in the heart of Upper Egypt saying it was safe for anyone to visit.

On Monday the Canadian embassy in Cairo joined the UK embassy.

There is definitely something.

The government tells us that there is nothing to worry about but I am afraid I have to worry. After since when the government is honest about anything in this country. The government says that those embassies demand extra security measures in the famous Garden City area

Of course this won't encourage to come and visit Egypt , after all what kind of foreign tourist willl come and visit the country when his embassy is officially closed for security concerns.

According to security sources in the media the two embassies had to close its doors after threats from ISIS. In case you do not know IS got a branch in Egypt called "State of Sinai" or to be accurate "Ansar Beit El-Maqdis" , the infamous Sinai militant group that got distrubing CV of operations in North Sinia as well other governorates including Cairo.

Targetting the diplomatic missions was mentioned in one of the IS' recommendations published online in the websites and forums to their brothers in Egypt. I remember read those recommendations last month.

Sadly enough the Pro-regime media began to attack UK, Canada and Australia accusing them of cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood !! This stupid claim was echoed among the Pro-Sisi supporters online. Oh and they began to share Putin's photos to tease UK , yes this is how they react.

I am worried, really worried. I think we need an explanation.


It turned out it had to do with CIA's torture report.



  1. Explanation, hold onto your ass because the revolutionary forces will unite under one cause, Freedom, Justice, and Bread!

    Its going to be a wild ride, unlike the world has seen before, we will amaze again, God willing.

  2. It seems that the Western governments are being cryptic which to some degree must be expected given the support of this new military governing body under the dictator Sisi, As usual, the West appears unable to qualify their political agreement with the overt display of unrest. Better the threats and public suppression were enough to repress any on-going visible protests.

  3. I think it's all about the torture reports that are going to be published by the usa.

  4. Dear Z. here is your explanation: The UK Embassy demanded that the access to their street in Garden City to be closed for security reasons. The citizens living in the very same street complained about being unable to get to their homes. When the government recognized these reasonable demands, the Commonwealth Embassies reacted snobbishly and the Foreign Ministry issued already a reply that they cannot accept unreasonable demands by foreign embassies

  5. Arab ruling classes appear to hate Arabs even more than anti-Arab racists do.

  6. To annoy Canada, pro-Sisi supporters should post pictures of the Boston Bruins!


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