Sunday, December 14, 2014

ElBaradei speaks about Arab Spring

Here is the lecture of former Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei about the Arab Spring and its lessons at Fletcher school in the United States from couple of days ago

He speaks about Arab Spring and what happened to it from ups and downs or mainly down especially in Egypt.

I can't say anything more than what he said.

By the way the Pro-regime and Pro-Military media are still attacking him day and night labelling him as agent. The fact that he speaks in public lectures abroad makes many people go coco for real back in Egypt. I mean scrolling down the El-Sisi supporters' timeline on twitter tonight following the news of this lecture , I found out that they were spreading conspiracies that that lecture was a beginning for his return to Egypt to start a new revolution next 25 January 2015 !!!

I will not lie and say that I am not angry from ElBaradei for leaving the country when many including the same youth he speaks about in pride needed and still need him as a voice. Youth are angry and frustrated , they feel that they are being abondoned by older political generations including ElBaradei's generation.

I believe Elbaradei will come back to Egypt to remind the rest of the country specifically the regime and the army as well the rest of the old political powers including the Islamists to tell them " I told you so".


  1. He talk and talk ...

    And did nothing good

    And said nothing.

    He should read the Holy Quran again to understand the people.

  2. "I told you so" .
    So what?

    He was vice president and did nothing to Egypt and the Egyptians.

    He spoiled the Revolution, in reality he did. He came to Egypt hoping to be Predident... when he lost hope, he left the Country

    The Revolution Activists Should Not be Naive and Look for Some one from The Older Generation to Listen to Or Be Their Voice and Talk for Them.

    Look to them In Medan El Tahrer When They Asked El Baradi to to Represent Them and Talk to The Militaty Council...
    He Just Went To Have Coffe with General Tantawy.

    The Revolution Activists Should Have Their Own Plans and Stradegy to Realize the Revolution Objectives.

    Take an Example Of The Pre-Preparations and Performing Our Own July 23rd, 1952 Revolution
    It Was will Planted and Well Done, We Still Have Our Aswan High Dam, Our Suez Canal, Our Free Education, and.
    And The 1952 Revolution Was A White Revolution, Performed By Honest Egyptians Who Lived and Died Living On Thier Own Salary

    But what Egypt and the Egyptians Had from El Baradi?
    Just talks !!!!

    1. So, according to you and other liars, all he wants is to be president. Wonderful, then according to you too, when his golden opportunity comes to be president, he walks away and is satisfied with the coffee. That must have been some magic coffee. Just be honest when you ask the question, what could anyone do with someone like Sisi or Nasser, once their true intentions are revealed other than to walk away. You are right about one thing though, we do get just talks from him, talks about freedom and justice and dignity, and the value of human life, for you that is just talk.

    2. That's All We Get From You !!! Just talks !!!!

      STOP !!!!!

  3. He is an old-school hardcore secularist. He wrongly identifies political Islam with just its unpopular fringes. The real elephant in the room was actually selected by the majority to begin the long arduous process toward freedom and dignity. Only for him to join the army to abort. His legacy is that he helped postpone the inevitable!

  4. No, I disagree with you about ElBaradei. He knew the criminal and immoral nature of the regime. He knew that if he stayed in Egypt, they would have put him in jail for treason and spying. I also agree with his decision to withdraw from the party and from the elections. He knows when things are real and when its an act. On another note, its interesting that Hossam Eissa stated that ElBaradei was aware or agreed with the decision to disperse Rabaa, which every one agrees with. However, if that means that the massacre was premeditated, then this statement incriminates all the participants.

  5. First of all I'd like to thank the blogger for posting this video. As usual every time he speaks out, Elbaradie proves that he's not a man of responsibility but of theorizing. He's going on talk categorizing the Egyptian people, criticizing the Egyptian situation and giving advice. In other words, he's analyzing issues that have been extensively discussed ignoring to tell the people the reasons for not staying home to face what he calls dictatorship. Actually we fed up with theorizing.

  6. Events have proven Ayman Nour and other anti-coup liberals as being right while pro-coup supporters were clearly wrong. They ought to apologize to Mr. Nour, and pull their heads out of the sand (or from worse places).

    Amr Hamzawy also was/is correct. His detractors were clueless.

    True liberals, albeit even if very numerical limited, had the sense to discern the true nature of the political scene. If Egypt is ever to recover, it needs to listen to them.

  7. Thanks for posting this video. What I took from it was a lot of fairly random and not very coherent references to the European experience of war and revolutions, but very little that suggested an insider's perspective of the past four years - this was a man who was part of the cataclysmic events but he doesn't come across like that. I also have to wonder, why this talk/speech, why now?

  8. People need to criticize freely and openly comment on Egypt's situation thus showing that the Emperor lacks clothing. If enough people do this, it will start to dent the mental terrorism employed by the regime. Time to shatter taboos.

    1. Good idea but the problem is that far from being naked the emperor wears rich and dashing clothes. Witness the following random observations:
      - The huge majority of the population is hugely grateful to the Emperor from having saved it from the scourge of the brotherhood and consented to assume enormous personal risks in doing so.
      - The huge majority of the population does'nt believe anything you and your friends say and have nothing but distrust and contempt for you and your ilk. Sad but true !
      - The huge majority of the population understood and accepted the need for subsidy elimination and recognized the leadership of the Emperor in doing so.
      - The huge majority of the population subscribed over just eight banking days more than $8.6 billion US dollars to help with the canal development project.
      - As much as you and your friends rejoiced when the country credit rating was cut to C - - largely as a result of your collective antics, as much as you keep quite today when the credit rating has been restored to B , just one step below full the B+ full fledged investment grade which will come very soon.
      - The Emperor has destroyed this nightmare of the criminal brotherhood and is well along the victory path to destroy islamist terror which even you and your friends will end up rejoicing for.

      Cheers !

    2. If this "emperor" was really universally loved, he would not need to have his minions abduct, rape, torture, murder, and suppress free expression. That he has them do so is a sign of a lack of confidence. His support is in fact declining as foolish moves like accepting the Mubarak trial verdict are making him more controversial.

      The economic calamity is 100% attributable to you, your ilk, and your boys. These guys have created a failed, nonviable economic system since 1952. Their corruption and economic illogic mushroomed during Mubarak's misrule and the continuing failures of SCAF helped lead to the credit downgrade. Egypt will remain an impoverished country with these crooks running the show. No point in blaming others when the dictatorial group has presided over this foolishness.

      As for security, the police state has been an utter failure in maintaining security and sucks at restoring stability. There are other, better choices that could handle these issues. But, of course, no one is allowed to seriously contend for the imperial throne.

      Arguments in favor of this emperor are circular and rely on the fact that the court has been working to destroy all alternative options. Because it exists, it must be the best of all possible worlds. That reasoning is false.

  9. Elbaradei was used by military, planners and after he was used he realized he have no stake on military, regime, except, be ceremonial Vice President.but it was too late after he put his name in history, of destroying the future of Egypt, and destroying democracy and rule of law.

    1. Unbelievable, damned if you do it and damned if you pass. He joined to try to make a difference, when he discovers the fiasco and the evil intentions, he makes a very strong statements with his resignation. As usual, if he did not join he would have been blamed for not joining the government. What he did was the only option for an honest man.

    2. El Baradei is a coward, always was, always will be.
      He has no stomach and will die from arthritis and incontinence.

    3. So, in your opinion, a man that leads the opposition to resist a dictator and his regime when they were most powerful and ruthless, and withstands all their attacks and smearing for years, and puts his life at risk when no one was sure of the outcome is a coward. Right, and you are a prove why he should had stayed. Always, personal attacks and making irrelevant associations. A man who walks away twice because he would not get into the smearing game is not a coward. How can any one respond to filth like the lies made by our media? or even like the one you are making? You don't even have the courage to sign your name.


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