Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Egypt in the past 10 days

This is a summary of what happened in Egypt in the past 10 days :
Filming the raid by her iPhone (Her show Facebook page)
  • In the same week another controversial TV host or to be precise the queen of Tabliod TV in Egypt Riham Saeed showed 5 girls possessed by Christian demonic entities on her show . Despite it was one of her most viewed episodes on Al-Nahar TV , the show was just a bad spoof of Exorcist film series. Yes I saw it and it was just crazy. Now Riham got what she wanted and she was the most talked person on twitter in the past 4 days. Of course mostly she was attacked for spreading superstition and she was proven to be fabricating some parts of her show but she got what she wanted : Mona Iraqi won't take from her the crown of tabloid media queen everrrrrrrr.
Riham , the drama queen
  • A new comer to the tabloid TV show circus in Egypt , Lebanese TV host Raghad Shalhob presents a new TV show about taboos and secrets in Egypt on Hayat TV network. Her first episode was about ... drugs , oh yes and among her guests were two drug dealers who wore really funky disguise
Saeed Gamil , a drug dealer by Menna Alaa
Of course what caught my attention in this show is not that "Pimp my dealer look" but the fact that the TV show demonstrated on camera , in the studio the side effects of drugs on a living rat lab. This is considered animal cruelty if I may say. Yes white rats used in experiments all the time but not on TV
  • To prove Egypt is on the right path of democracy , Egyptian security forces refused Michele Dunn , the senior associate in the Carnegie Middle East Program to enter Egypt on December 12, 2014. Dunn was invited to some conference organized by some Pro-Regime organization. I think now we know that Dunn was right in her opinions about the regime after 3 July. We also know there is no coordination between the different governmental bodies in Egypt and the final word is for the security apparatus. The ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo says that he had no Non-tourist purposes Visa to visit Egypt and attend the conference. It was said earlier that she was banned for security related reasons not visa related reasons . Fact : US citizens are allowed to obtain a visa at the airport for business as well as tourism
  • Abdeen District shuts down an alleged cafe for atheists who practiced satanic rituals in Downtown Cairo. Yes the atheists practiced satanic rituals in that cafe in El-Falky street, Downtown Cairo. One could not believe that crap if it were not for the original documents issued by Abdeen district. Now interestingly the Cafe that they shut down was already closed from several months ago according to its owner political activist and April 6 Youth member Mostafa Boghdady. It was opened for awhile and was actually among the places the activists gathered at and may be this is the reason the government considered a very bad place that needed to be shut down

  • Egyptian Composer and Arab Idol Judge Hassan El-Shafei is accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member because he did not jump and dance during Emirati singer Hussien El-Jsamy's propaganda hit song "Boshra Kheir" in Arab Idol's finale. The Pro-Military conspiracy theorists cannot ignore the fact that the grandson of the man who prosecuted the MB in 1960s in special revolutionary courts made that song below with the awful spy Abla Fahita.

  • A Microbus hits Airplane in Cairo International airport on Sunday.

  • And of course our Spiderman has his own villains.


  1. Great effort as usual
    What its the easiest way to share on Facebook?

  2. Mehlab looks like an idiot when he expresses a desire to be one hand with Putin. Lol, the Putin who is destroying the Russian economy and the value of the Rouble currency? The same Putin whose international reputation is shot beyond any hope of repair? The Putin who is getting hammered in Ukraine and generating new enemies across the world every day?

    Both Putin and Sisi do look aggressive expansionism and dictatorship. Both are failures and economically illiterate.

    Must be embarrassing to be a Sisi fan in this day and age. It is the intellectual equivalent of believing tin foil theories.

  3. Have anyone viewed the more than hour long video in ONTV about the opening of the Marine Port of Ghardaga.

  4. Putin is getting whupped in Ukraine. Sisi is getting his ass kicked in Libya.

    Not an impressive bunch.

  5. Great roundup of local news stories, Z. It took me a few days to read through them. The high points (or you might say low points depending on your perspective) for me were the gay bath club raid (ROTFLOL), the drugged rat (what drug was it? The rat didn't seem to mind), the "drug dealer" (um... real drug dealers don't dress like that), and the arrests of the three English speakers in the subway. The testimony that they were overheard talking about "destroying homes and companies" sounds fake. Made up. If they had been real terrorists they would have been talking about specific targets. (Or they would have kept their mouths shut, if they were smart.) Not talking in the abstract like that.


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