Saturday, January 3, 2015

Celebrating Moulid Nabawy 2014 in #Egypt

First of all Merry Moulid to all Muslims around the globe. Today Muslims celebrate Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” ‘s birthday {Moulid El-Nabawy}. As usual we have our own Egyptian style of celebrating the Prophet’s birthday in Egypt and aside of our traditional sweets , it turns out that we got Sufi Moulid parades.
Oh yes it turns out that Sufi orders organize parades during the Moulid El-Nabawy in different governorates like Sharkia, Aswan and Port Said.
I m surprised because I have never known that we got Moulid parades in the first place. I know that Sufi orders organize parades around the shrines of their Sufi saints but for Moulid El-Nabawy , this is something new to me. Their photos look joyful.
Interestingly it turns out that the Sufi orders used to organize a Moulid parade annually till it was suddenly stopped from six years ago. I do not know the reason behind the suspension of the parade in Port Said from six years ago. It turns out that after the revolution the Sufi orders asked the authorities to organize the parade but yet their request was usually rejected for security instability.
Here are photos from Sharkia , Aswan and Port Said. Aaa El-Kamahawy went to a small village in Sharkia and took photos from there while Ahmed Kheir El-Din took the photos in Aswan , in the heart of the city.
That is short video clip filmed by dear friend Ahmed Kheir El-Din in Aswan yesterday during the parade. Oh yes for some reason the people in Aswan organized the parade on Friday and not on Saturday.

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As usual conservative Muslims from Salafists or Wahabists say that we should not celebrating the Moulid because it is a Bid’ah. Well I am tried of that old debate. This has become a custom besides our Moulid sweets as it seems.


  1. RE: I am tried of that old debate. .... Seems, it is still time before we all get tired of this whole Muslim Christian Buddhist Hindu Bhai etc etc etc ... er "God" fantasy, debate huh!

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  3. So much of the Egyptian religious class has drunk the regime's kool aid and wants to follow it into suicide. At this rate, the religious establishment will be overthrown along with the military and business castes. These idiots promote conspiracy theories to keep Egyptians poor and subjugated. How many of these cretins have whined about the January 25 revolution because it challenged their stupid monetary and ideological grip over the country?


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