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#SisiLeaks : Episode 2 “ The case of 30-something people”

And Sisi leaks Season 2 has not finished yet , it is just starting.
After listening to the first secret recording for the alleged phone calls from El-Sisi’s office related to ousted Morsi’s detention in summer 2013 , we got another audio secret recordings from El-Sisi’s staff once again.
Once again the secret alleged recordings are aired through a Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Satellite TV channel. This time they are aired through Al-Sharq TV channel owned by Islamist businessman and former presidential hopeful Bassem Khafga.
Operating from Turkey, the TV channel includes TV hosts from Muslim Brotherhood members and guests as well Pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters from TV hosts.The channel is available on HotBird Satellite , I do not think it is available on Nile Sat but I once read that it is available on another Satellite that it is in the same position of the Nile Sat and so we can see it in Egypt using its same frequency.  To be honest I have never seen it on Nile Sat. Up till now the recordings are being aired through Moataz Matar’s Night Talk show in the channel. So far the channel aired three secret recordings .
I will discuss each recording in a separate post because each one got its own circumstances.
The first alleged audio recording is about the infamous and sad case of 37 Abu Zaabal detainees who were killed in police van that turned in to an oven during their transportation from police station to jail in August 2013.
Read that comprehensive report by Patrick Kingsley in the Guardian about this awful crime to refresh memory in order to know the back story of this recording.
Shahin "L" and Kamel "R" 
burnt alive inside a police van. You should read
Once again Major General Mamdouh Shahin ,the minister of defense aide for legal affairs and Major General Abbas Kamel , the head of El-Sisi office in the ministry of defense then “He is currently the president’s chief of staff” star in that recording. Interestingly this audio recording is not for a phone call between the two men but rather an alleged conversation between them inside Kamel’s office inside the ministry of defense. Yes their conversation was allegedly recorded from inside an office and this is alarming enough to anyone sane.
Now in this alleged recording , Abbas Kamel asks Shahin to talk to the judge overseeing the trial of Abu Zaabal of “Those 30-something people” in order to help the son of their colleague Brigadier General Abdel Fattah Halmi. Now Helmi’s son “Islam Abdel Fattah Helmi” is the third defendant in the case accused of manslaughter in the controversial shocking case. “ The Boy is going to die” Kamel allegedly says to Shahin and Shahin answers back “ Do not worry I will speak to the Judge for you”.
This implies that Shahin allegedly interfered the in the case. By the way “ I will speak to the judge for you” has become a hashtag and meme in its own way.
Now what we know as facts regarding this case :
  1. The 4 defendants in the case were standing a trial for “manslaughter” where as Islam Helmi is the third defendant in the case.
  2. The first judge overseeing the case , Judge Ali Mashour of El-Khanka misdemeanor court stepped down from the trial on 30 December 2013 in response to a recusal proposal procedures by the defendants’ lawyers according to Ahram Online . According to the National community for Human rights and Laws NGO , the victims’ lawyers also presented a rescue proposal to the court.
  3. In March 2014 judge Mohamed Abdullah Abbas sentenced the first defendant “the vice warden of the Heliopolis Police Station” to 10 years in jail while the three other defendants in the case including “Islam Helmi” to suspended one year in jail for killing due to negligence.
  4. Islam Helmi on the right
    "Youm 7"
  5. In June 2014 The appeal court accepted the defendants’ appeal and overturned the ten years prison sentence handed down to one policeman and the one year suspended sentence given to three others including Islam Helmi. 
That alleged conversation was recorded in 2013 when El-Sisi was a minister of defense. Interestingly the first part of that short alleged conversation was about the draft laws about the army officers’ service and retirement then.
I think the alleged conversation does not incriminate the judge “which I assume to be Ali Mashour” because according to what we have the man stepped down but it incriminates both Kamel and Shahin for attempting to interfere judiciary. Of course one cannot neglect how Kamel allegedly considered the victims of the horrifying incident unworthy unlike his colleague’s son who is dyiiiiiiiing. It also raises questions about the stages of this trial.
That leaked alleged conversation opened a wound for the victims’ families ,a bad wound I am afraid.
Personally I am sticking to my theory that there is some nasty fight inside the deep state aka Mount Olympus. Someone has allegedly recorded those phone calls and office chit chats and decided to leak it now for some unknown reason to Sisi’s enemies : The Muslim Brotherhood. If the MB had those recordings earlier , they would not hesitate to release them to the world.
Of course I do not think that the MB or their allies in Egypt had to do anything with the recording the conversations inside the ministry of defense. This is a breach in the highest security levels in Egypt. If the MB were standing behind these recordings in the first place , Morsi would not be ousted in that way in te first place.
What’s is interesting that the new leaks are released after the reconciliation with Qatar or the talks that Qatar is actually meditating between El-Sisi and Erdogan , So the usual suspects “Qatar and Turkey” are not actually suspects this time. 
It is worth to mention that some claimed that Major General Mohamed Farid El-Tohamy , the head of General Intelligence was dismissed or replaced suddenly last week had to do with the leaks. Well the leaks have not been stopped.  Also interestingly enough we reading now that former Egyptian armed forces official spokesperson Ahmed Mohamed Ali is no longer part of the Presidential staff and is going to be appointed as a military attaché in some African country as a punishment. Oh yes and what is even more interesting is that some say that Ali who was believed to be responsible for the media file in presidency was actually the president’s secretary for information. Some connect what happened to him to the leaks.
Of course the Pro El-Sisi supporters are firing back using two arguments. The first argument which is as sick as their endless support to oppression says that those victims killed in the police van deserve to die. The second argument says that those recorded conversations are fabricated. Amazingly those people did not believe for once in 2013 and 2014 that the calls of activists aired on TV against the law were fabricated. 
By the way despite there have been no official investigation issued ordered by the prosecutor general regarding his leak as the first one , the media has completely ignored. No one dares to speak about it in the mainstream media. May be they do not want more people to know and feel sympathy about that awful crime that took place in the police van in summer 2013 where “30-something people” have been killed.

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