Thursday, January 8, 2015

Save the Refugees From Freezing

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian and Palestinian refugees are freezing literality in the camps across the Levant this week. Already at least 6 refugee froze to death in Lebanon’s refugees camps on Wednesday. Four of those refugees are children : 10-years old Heba, 4-years old Huda, 3-months old Fidaa and 6-years old Maged. These People have escaped death in their own country which turned in to a battleground for world and regional powers only to find death in the camps.
The Syrian refugees are having a cold hell in Lebanon and Jordan thanks to Zeina and Huda. The Palestinian refugees are also facing hell inside Syria , inside the Yarmouk camp. The photos will speak better than words.

The Syrian refugees in Arsal ad Bakaa valley are facing hell as well disgusting unhidden racism supported and spread by Lebanese media. I think the Lebanese people before the government should act and do something to save their fellow brothers and sisters. The Lebanese people need to open their churches and mosques as well schools for those refugees temporarily before anything.
You can help Syrian refugees in Lebanon through this website :
BY the way there are also poor Egyptians who are also freezing to death in that horrible weather and of course the Egyptian government does not help them. You can help them if you live in Egypt by sending a simple SMS message with the word “Satr” on 95530 to “Satr Campaign”. This campaign supports the poor in this cold weather.

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