Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Women’s Day 2015 : Cool Egyptian ladies of the Past

Happy International Women’s Day 2015 all the women around the globe who mostly do not know that it exists in the first of all. This year I won’t speak in a lengthy post or even in a short one about the women and their struggle for their lost rights in Egypt and the Middle East.
This year I will share with you a very nice collection photos I found online today from different sources and I think they are beautiful.
These photos are from regular Egyptian ladies, we do not know the names of the most them.
They are simple ladies and sophisticated ladies , rich ladies and poor ladies. Simply they were Egyptian ladies.
The first photo is from the Dutch National Archives which got a very nice old and rare collection of photos from Egypt in the 20th century. That photo is from the famous sit in and full hunger strike of Egyptian feminist writer and activist Doria Shafik and other women activists they started it in March 1954 to demand women’s suffrage in the Constitution written then.
The sit in was held for 8 days at the journalists syndicate in Cairo.
From Doria Shafik's suffrage sit in 1954
Dutch National Archives 
The second photo is from Magnum Photo archives for an Egyptian lady walking through the ruins of Port Said during Suez war in 1956. The photos from that war show a complete destruction for Port Said city by the way.
An Egyptian lady walking carrying furniture out of the
Port Said ruins "Magnum Photos" 
Egyptian visual artist and Marxist activist Engy Aflaton “1924-1989”  {Magnum Photos}
Engy Aflaton and her paintings in 1960s 

An Egyptian Lady in 1970 “Magnum Photos”
This is my favorite
An Egyptian lady portrait
"Magnum Photos" 
An Egyptian lady and her middle class family in the zoo in 1970 “Magnum Photos”
ِA middle class family outing in the Giza zoo in 1970
"Magnum Photos" 
An Egyptian lady and her working class family in Cairo in 1970 “Magnum Photos”
A working class family in 1970
 "Magnum photos'
An Egyptian lady in Sinai during the Israeli occupation in 1970 “Magnum photos”
An Egyptian lady in occupied Sinai in 1970 breastfeeding
her baby "Magnum Photos" 
An Egyptian wealthy lady and her butler in Cairo in 1970 “Magnum Photos”
A wealthy lady and her butler "Magnum Photos" 
Happy International Women’s Day , hopefully next year it will be better for all the women in the Middle East especially in Egypt , Yemen, Libya , Gulf and above them of course Syria and Iraq.

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