Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#GUC Students start a sit-in for their colleague

Hundreds of students at the German University in Cairo “GUC” started on Tuesday a sit-in to protest the death of their colleague 19-years old Yara Tarek Negm at the University Parking while the university administration has suspended the study for three days.
Late 19 years old Yara Negm "Instagram"

On Monday the freshman student in the faculty of engineering died after she was run over by the University bus at the University parking in her way home. Negm who suffered from bleeding and a skull fracture had to wait for 15 minutes till the university unequipped ambulance came and took her to the nearest hospital in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo district.

The students are extremely angry because despite this is the first accident on campus from its kind , two other students were hit by other buses in the last couple of years.
 The students also are fierce on how the university administration ordered the workers to clean the crime scene and burn the blood of late Yara Negm “which officially is an evidence” with no good explanation before the prosecution would come and investigate the accident.
Negm's blood yesterday "Facebook" 
Already the University administration handed over the bus driver to the security authorities and he is currently detained for 3 days pending investigation. 

On Tuesday the students Union organized a sit-in and told the students not to attend the classes and lectures on that day so the administration would realize that this was not just an incident and life goes on. Hundreds of students started the sit-in at the Platform area on Campus.
The students at the Platform earlier Tuesday
"The insider GUC"

The students at the Platform earlier Tuesday
"The insider GUC"
Here is a video from a member in the students Union arguing the students earlier Tuesday to participate in the sit-in saying that Yara Negm was not less than Max the dog.The video was shot by Mahmoud Magdy.

Hours later they moved the sit-in at the parking lot.
At the Gates "The insider GUC"
As result of the growing pressure, the administration declared that it would suspend the study in the University for 3 days postponing the weekly quiz as well the midterm exams.
Nevertheless the students Union announced that a group of its members would complete its sit-in at the University’s Campus tonight. The students will continue their sit-in till their demands are met. The nearly one hundred student spent their first night yesterday on campus.
They demand better parking system for the students. It is not much considering the money they pay every year.
At the GUC sit-in Tuesday night on campus
"The insider GUC"
Here are their demands in case you wonder what they exactly want.

A side remark : I really respect that student movement in German University. Despite it is considerably young university yet it proved itself when it comes to activism and student movement in Egypt especially in the past 4 years admirably. God bless them and protect them.

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