Thursday, March 26, 2015

Talk to Me about Political Irony : From Habib El-Adly to Zakaria Abdel Aziz

Today Mubarak’s Former minister of interior Habib El-Adly returned to his home as a free man while former head of judges club and reformist judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz has been referred to a disciplinary committee in the ministry of justice  for participating in the storming of State security “SS” headquarter in Nasr City in March 2011 !!
Habib El-Adly "L" and Zakaria Abdel Aziz "R" 
Oh yes Mubarak’s notorious minister of interior  Habib El-Adly is now a free man and has returned back to his home , to his luxurious villa in October after being acquitted in all the trials he was facing. I do know what to say for real.
On the same day the ministry of justice announces that the minister of justice decided to refer reformist justice and former head of judges club Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz to disciplinary committee for participating in the famous storming of state security “SS” headquarter in Cairo on 5 March 2011 along with 25 January protesters.
The judge who became an opposition figure after heading the battle of judiciary independence starting 2005 during Mubarak’s rule was reported to the ministry by a bunch of other judges for allegedly storming the the SS headquarter long with the protesters during the January revolution.
Interesting the storming of State security headquarter did not happen during the early 18 days of the revolution but it happened during SCAF's rule in March 2011.

Also the protesters did not storm the SS building but they were allowed to go into the building after it was evacuated from all the officers and employees by the army or rather the military police. The military police let the protesters in.
Then Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz appeared from the no-where outside the building telling the young protesters and urging them to hand over all the documents they found inside to the army. Needless to say the protesters believed him and handed the army the documents they found at the infamous  capital of hell.
I remember that Abdel Aziz also spoke about detainees who were found in underground cells.
Now Abdel Aziz is being punished for allegedly storming the SS headquarter !! 
Please if you are tying to make fake history , wait till we are dead and fake it as you want. This history was documented in-real time. 
Anyhow I think it is not about that day in March 2011 but it is rather about the role Abdel Aziz played during the Mubarak’s rule. Judge Abdel Aziz said in media statements that he believed he was referred to a disciplinary because of his support to the 25 January revolution as well his role in the judiciary independence against Mubarak.
This is the not first time Abdel Aziz is referred to a disciplinary committee as he was referred among a group of veteran judges including big names from the Judiciary independence movement for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and engaging in politics !! 
I can not forget how Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz acted during the time of Morsi or how he used to act during the time of Adly Mansour or Sisi keeping his mouth shut against all those violations committed by the name of Egyptian judiciary in the past few months but
the man is hunted down due to his past during the Mubarak’s era . I found out today through a quick search on You Tube that the Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Sisi TV hosts have been attacking the man for months for allegedly being a Muslim Brotherhood member despite it is known that he is leaning towards Nasserism in the first place.
This sends us a clear that Mubarak’s regime is not only still alive but it is a back for vengeance.
Currently there is a witch-hunt in judiciary as it seems and even those judges who are not members of the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamist are hunted down allegedly for being supporters of ousted Mohamed Morsi. The common factor between those judges are that they support the 25 January revolution and are against the practices of Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Sisi current head of judges club Ahmed El-Zend.
Needless to say when it comes to the political irony , I do do not know how it is okay for El-Zend to share his political views all the time when it is not allowed for judges like Abdel Aziz to express theirs !!
Anyhow I just can not stop thinking about that bigger political irony as well vendetta when it comes to Habib El-Adly and Zakaria Abdel Aziz !!


  1. Also, The judge Tareq El Bisbery and his 10 days constitution reform comitted !!!
    I remember I wrote to him at the time that he
    should be charged by the Revolution activist for
    National trashy.
    what they did was start of the anti Revolution

  2. Well, he joined the coup-circus when he ruled very heavy against pro-mors women . They just found that he needs a kick to remmeber who he are!


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